2 week trip to Italy in September

Which cities should I make a point to visit on a 2 week trip to Italy? Should I go work my up north to south or south to north? Would I be ok navigating the country without a car?

  1. 4 months ago

    Choose one half, for north I would say Venice, Ravenna, Bologna, Pisa

    • 4 months ago

      Thanks for the recommendation. Think it'd be smart to land in Rome and work my way north to those cities? How many days should I spend in each?

      • 4 months ago

        Sorry, I don't have a lot of time. Yeah, pf course, I would say2 days in Ravenna and Pisa and split the rest evenly between Venice and Bologna. I would say don't 'squeeze' Firenze, it's too much and that warrants a trip on its own.
        Bumping your thread so other Italians weigh in

        • 4 months ago

          Or scratch Pisa (you can group it with Firenze on another trip) and go to Trieste instead, it's a bit different from the rest of Italy

    • 4 months ago

      Strongly agreeing with Venice and Bologna.

      People bitch about Venice being overtouristed, but shitloads of people go there for a reason: there's really no other place like it on earth. Just watch your wallet and phone because pickpockets are more rampant than anywhere else.

      Bologna is a beautiful town too. Much more subdued than Venice, but warm red and brown buildings everywhere and towers hanging over the city visible from all locations gives it a distinct feel. Food is incredible.

      Personally, I didn't enjoy Rome. Lots of people and the town is very spread out compared to other compact old towns. There are some ancient Roman sites, but probably less than you're expecting. Worth seeing for 3 days at max. North Italian towns are compact, cleaner, and feel like they have far more lasting historical sites (although it's mostly from the middle ages and renaissance)

  2. 4 months ago

    I'd visit Verona, small city but it's nice

  3. 4 months ago

    Also watching thread. I don't have anything set in stone so my plans are open to change, but I will be going at the end of September and into October for around 2 1/2 - 3 weeks and going north to south, Venice->Florence->Rome->Naples. I intended to spend the most time in Florence and Rome, probably just 3 days at Venice, and Naples at the end literally just to go to Pompeii.

    I am pretty set on north to south because I'd just rather have the shorter flight at the start of a trip (from the UK) and I'm probably gonna go to Malta right after so it makes more sense this way

  4. 4 months ago

    avoid naples

  5. 4 months ago

    Venice one or two days, train down to Bologna, then to Florence, then to Rome, each one or two days. But add a day if you want to rest, the trains are fast. (Btw buy in advance they sell out fast.)

    Rome to Naples, local train to Pompei, Sorrento, and or Salerno. You need a ride via bus, taxi, or boat to the coast (Amalfi, Positano) and just pick one.

    Calabria is hella boring but you can cross over to Puglia of you want, Bari, or head over to Sicily. Sardinia is another island and just as beautiful.

    I don't know how touristy you want to be but my advice is a lot of stuff like Venetian masks can be bought online for less. Of course you will eat pasta and pizza but avoid tourist upcharge and walk away from the city center/tourist places. Coffee should be under €2, anything more they are scamming you.

    If you want more private beaches you have to go to the islands but you may not be completely alone, locals will know about them.

    You are honestly fine without a car if you stay along the coast, or cut through major cities. You can get international license and rent if you change your mind but people here drive crazy fyi

    Tips: I would avoid Milan, it's boring and full of trouble makers. Anyone talking to you is probably a gypsy, avoid them too. Don't get pickpocketed. Don't leave anything unattended. Even if you speak some Italian people will be rude to you just banter with them, go with the flow, laugh if they are nasty

  6. 4 months ago

    What are your interests?

    Arts? Architecture? Landscapes? Nature? Food? Coffee?

  7. 4 months ago

    Rome is a must since it is quite literally the best place on this earth to go visit.
    The south is more beautiful than the north, but both are worth it. I'd recommend landing in Rome, renting a car and making your way through the coast to Sicily. Naples and Milan are ugly as fuck.
    If you go north, do Torino - Como - Verona - Venice - Tuscany - Florence - Rome.

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