Airport lounges

Have you ever been inside one? How was it?

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  1. 2 years ago


  2. 2 years ago

    They range heavily from absolutely awful to the greatest place on Earth.

  3. 2 years ago

    They provide one extremely important service: If you're traveling alone, lounges provide an opportunity to leave your carry-on's unattended while you use the bathroom.

    Obviously you need to do a quick scan of the fellow patrons, but otherwise you're good to go.

    • 2 years ago

      Just leave it with a wealthy looking English or American boomer

  4. 2 years ago

    >Have you ever been inside one?
    I’ve been inside a lot of them, on four continents (plus the UK).
    >How was it?
    They vary a lot, but they are mostly about like hanging out in the lobby of a four-star hotel, plus some free food and drinks that range from pretty good midrange hotel buffet catering (the THAI lounge in Suvarnabhumi had really good catering last time I was there) to disgusting.

    A lot of them have showers, which I can imagine appreciating after some long flights, but I’ve never actually taken one.

    The lounge at the old Atatürk Airport in Istanbul had dark little rooms with massage chairs that were nice for a nap.

  5. 2 years ago

    Perks of airline lounges:

    >superior bathrooms
    The restrooms have lower foot traffic. Like any public restroom, they can get disgusting, but you're statistically less likely to have a nasty bathroom experience.

    >better people (sort of)
    Frequent flier or less-poor people are generally more respectful of their environments, and courteous .However, it's not like airport lounges really filter out the "general public" as well as you'd think, since many credit cards give access to these lounges as a perk, and it isn't too hard to get one. Also if the dad has a credit card, the whole family is going to the lounge.

    This is the best part. You can get free food, usually of decent to high-quality, in almost always, unlimited amounts. You might get some well known name-brand beer, imported or local. If you want to start your day with a beer, a light breakfast, and a piece of fruit, you can. It's a lot like what you'd find at a hotel dining area like what anon said.

    I try to wait until the hotel, but I would definitely use these if I had a layover after a long flight, or if there was a really good deal on a later flight. It's hard to think of a use case for me.

    They usually have their own wifi. It's still public wifi, so don't expect stellar speeds, but it's separate than the other wifi, so slightly better. Ample power outlets, comfy chairs (try to stake one out, and don't move, the most important thing is getting a good spot)

    >leave your luggage
    They will let you leave your bags behind without a babysitter. So you can shop or take a walk without carrying shit. Feels great to not have luggage in an airport.

    Most lounges (at least they should) will only let you in if you are departing. Post-Covid, I see a lot of them getting more strict on how early you can enter the lounge (3 hours before flight or better) since we have a lot of campers these days. If you're traveling alone and act very polite, you can usually get in earlier.

  6. 2 years ago

    lol they still have normal chairs
    get fricked losers

  7. 2 years ago

    You get free food and drink (usually at least adequate, occasionally very nice) and there are few to no riff-raff allowed in. More space. Going through an airport at a meal time I'd usually go to a proper restaurant in the main terminal vs a lounge b/c most lounges are set up like hotel buffets which i am not a big fan of.

    Showers are nice if you are getting off a long intercontinental flight early in the morning

  8. 2 years ago

    Free alcohol, that alone makes them worth it

  9. 2 years ago

    The only time I'm not waiting in a lounge at the airport is if it's closed or it's a small airport with no lounges. Feels good to have frequent flyer status.

    Best lounge: Frankfurt First Class Terminal. 10/10 food and drinks and service like in any other great lounge, but the best part is that it's its completely separate building. You don't even enter the airport main building, you enter the FCT building. There you get your private checkin and security check and then just hang out there until it's time to go. You don't have to worry about anything yourself, when it's time to board they will come get you and you will be given a limo ride straight to the plane.

    • 2 years ago

      Lufthansa first class out of FRA is a great time. Getting a lift to the plane is kino.

  10. 2 years ago

    The British Airways First Class lounge at Heathrow is awesome. AMEX Centerian Lounges arent bad but they arent anything special honestly.

  11. 2 years ago

    My bank recently attached a Priority Pass to my credit card and I've been to 4 of them so far. They do vary in terms of quality and what they offer but it's great that they have:

    -Free alcohol
    -Fairly comfortable seats
    -Superior free WIFI
    -Food and snacks
    -You can leave all your stuff unnatended to go to the bathroom, shopping and such without worries

    I guess big airports in big cities give much more so I hope I get to visit one of those some day.

    The free alcohol alone makes them worth it IMO

  12. 2 years ago

    Was supposed to be able to visit lounge of Air France at Charles DeGaulle (CDG) , but they told me to go to different splace and no lounge there.
    But frick that airport, neve rseen any homeless anywhere else.

    • 2 years ago

      CDG is a great intro to Paris.

  13. 2 years ago

    I’m Canadian and I have an Amex reserve card which lets me access the maple leaf lounges, they are pretty average tbh, like others said free alcohol is nice, I hear Amex lounges are nice, I will cancel my card soon and switch to a platinum which includes access to Amex lounges and other well known lounges.

  14. 2 years ago

    Free snacks and sometimes actually decent food, marginally less dirty and disruptive people, a bit more space and quieter/calmer. Just a better waiting area than the general messy airport

  15. 2 years ago

    Underwhelming as hell. It's really not worth it.
    >going to the airport early to hang out in the lounges
    do you guys seriously not go photo finish to the airport? im usually handing in my luggage at the hour mark and then finish security around 35 mins prior to departure. Never wait in airports. My layovers are typically no longer than 2 hours either so a stop at a bar or restaurant works to pass the time, assuming i dont get a 50-70 min layover where im boarding after 20 mins of being at the gate. Literally never missed a flight. The only time I've had an excessive layover was at an airport with a smoking room so I spent my time with a beer and my vape chatting up qts

  16. 2 years ago

    I use them extensively. They’re fine, never amazing and occasionally poor.

    I love that they are quiet and don’t have announcements. Food/drink are fine, I rarely take advantage. Lovely to have a few prosecco’s on a Thursday evening flight back from client business, though.

    >Most lounges (at least they should) will only let you in if you are departing.

    Delta Sky Clubs at your destination airport will let you in after your flight lands. I’ve used this on occasion when I have a call after landing and don’t want to take it in transit to the hotel. I have also used it to shower before heading to a client meeting, which was great.

    >do you guys seriously not go photo finish to the airport?
    No, I don’t have the personality type for this. I like to be in the airport 1 hour prior to departure (about 30 minutes prior to boarding) so I can get my coffee etc.

    Although since you mention
    >handing in my luggage
    I assume you’re not a power traveler, since no self-respecting frequent flier would ever check a bag.

  17. 2 years ago

    The Seatac aiport one is pretty good. Decent free food and free booze. Much more comfy than sitting at the gate

  18. 2 years ago

    First Class Lounge for British Airways at London Heathrow is the balls

    • 2 years ago

      I cummed in the shower they're so hard

  19. 2 years ago

    At some airports, the lounges have accommodations that allow you to get a sloppy from a flight attendant on break while taking a shit in a moldy toilet at the same time.

  20. 2 years ago

    Guys the food isn't free you know, you paid for it with the ticket. If you used miles you still flew enough to collect them.

    Also I've been to enough airports that there are no perks to the lounge because there were charging stations, clean empty bathrooms, entertainment, showers, sleeping rooms available for everyone.

    Airports I would never use the lounge are Incheon, Hong Kong, Singapore, Narita, Osaka. I would use in shitty airports I guess.

  21. 2 years ago

    Amex centurion lounge is consistently good. Just got back from the lounge at CDMX. Food is on par with any good restaurant, service is typically excellent for the country, drinks are top shelf. Free if you have the platinum card (personal, not business version).

    First class lounges are an entirely different world. They don't let you in unless you are in first class, none of this priority pass rabble. You get what you pay for.

  22. 2 years ago

    I managed a business class flight SYD-MEL with my frequent flyer points, they had a free bar and a big jar of M&Ms and raspberry liquorice. Very comfy.

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