Are there any travel shows like Rick Steves' Europe on youtube but without a host with an annoying accent?

Are there any travel shows like Rick Steves' Europe on youtube but without a host with an annoying accent?

  1. 8 months ago

    Gabriel Traveler or
    Seven Wanders the World , dude is literally seven feet tall

  2. 8 months ago

    Wolter's World. Not pretentious or an instagram thot. Just a fat ugly tub of shit American who actually gives good advice to other fat ugly tub of shit Americans, like to practice walking before going to Europe. Gives good advice on shit to see, how to interact with the locals, travel deals etc.

    • 8 months ago

      Spot on post

    • 8 months ago

      >like to practice walking before going to Europe
      Do Amerilards actually?

  3. 8 months ago

    there are many food centric shows that have been uploaded to youtube
    keith floyd is a 90s british travel food host, but it often has segments where he does some cooking. you might know him from viral video of "the gay king"
    but he has series like floyd in spain, floyd in italy, floyd in uk and ireland, floyd around the med i see episodes on youtube just looking now
    the style of travel food show in uk maybe he wasnt the first but the subsequent ones are much similar. rick stein is the main example i can think of.

    going from british tv shows uploaded to youtube. if you like wilderness travel there is ray mears, a lot of his shows are up.
    but then if it is moving more into the sighsee territory, there are a lot of seemingly independent (or state propaganda) showing bushcraft/camping/rural farm life(like in china or azerbaijan, or that dutch guy rebuilding an italian alps stone shack)

    • 8 months ago

      Are food-focused shows the most sustainable niche of YouTube travel vlogs?

      • 8 months ago

        there is a lot of variety that could never be totally covered and always has an audience
        sharing good tasting food, strange food for the audience, or reveling in self degrading junk food are all options
        buying food from nice restaurants/cheap food/street food/eating at locals homes/markets
        how food is obtained and prepared in all those different settings
        the host can try to cook these things themselves or be taught also.
        there are endless traditional dishes but always new trendy things that appear.
        i have seen popular videos on youtube that had all of those various topics

  4. 8 months ago

    tony robinson walking through history is another boomer show(well they all are if they are not vlogs). baldrick actor from black adder walks in uk in a historically specific themed discussion

    this channel
    has boomer bbc travel shows
    great asian railway journeys
    great australian railwy journeys
    treasures of the indus
    worlds busiest railways
    the greek islands with julia bradbury
    more julia bradbury stuff like australia or iceland
    landscape mysteries (like ancient irish/british stuff)
    Portillo's Hawks and Doves (more ireland+Uk like ireland independence strife)
    Portillo's Empire - like british india
    more one off Portillo episodes about uk like state secrets
    Indian Hill Railways
    stephen fry in america
    great canal journeys (i think its only uk canals)
    railways of the great war
    WALK - costal path England
    full circle with michael palin
    some one of cruise shows with jane macdonald
    sahara with michael palin
    pole to pole with michael palin
    tracks of an empire with john sargent
    rhythms of india - music centric show

  5. 8 months ago

    how is Eli from Russia?

  6. 8 months ago

    emma chamberlain

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