Backpacking Across Canada

I'm already here so that's not a problem but I want to do this as cheaply as I can for as long as I can without going caveman mode and hunting for food. I was thinking a budget of 25-35 CAD a day would be good for buying food and other supplies from gas stations and other stores but I have nothing to compare it with since I've never done something like this before so I don't know if I'm aiming too high or low. I'll be camping exclusively so other than camping supplies and self care items I don't know what I should bring with me.

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    >25-35 CAD a day

    No need to hunt if you have that much money a day

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    Backpacking in Canada is difficult, especially Ontario. You could try hitchhiking. There are to many remote roads for backpacking only IMO
    >caveman mode and hunting
    Nah, I'm a hunter in Canada and you have little chance of actually catching anything where you'd be able to backpack to. Besides, you'd be fucked if you got picked up carrying around a firearm backpacking.

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    Almost impossible without a car. If you have a car or can rent one this won't be too bad especially with your budget. Spend most of your time in the east coast, Quebec, the area around Ottawa, southern Alberta, and really anywhere in BC. Avoid Saskatchewan entirely and only go to northern Manitoba if you have a car unless you want to get shanked

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    get bears

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    I assume you mean you are going to be sleeping outside on the street or in the woods because hostels and camp sites cost more than that and camp sites are not accessible except by car. Parks do not have bus/train service. $25 at a gas station buys you a shitty sandwich/salad, a coffee and a few snacks. I spend $20-30 on lunch when I go into the office in downtown Toronto. It’s not upscale, it’s ramen or poke or Greek food. <1500 calories. One meal.

    You need to have two incomes or a skill (trade/university degree) and a full time job to afford to live alone.

    Idk what you heard to make you consider doing it but it’s basically a retarded idea. This country is not designed for gay trekkies to hang out in cheaply. You will not be able to feed yourself with fishing/hunting. It is not designed for backpacking. It’s designed for people with money and cars who can afford to spent several hundred dollars to go be around nature for a weekend.

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    Which province are you in?

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    but often times it's just a gravel path next to a highway so you're not really getting into nature
    they also didn't build anything in northern ontario and expect you to paddle it

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    can you get across the Canadian/US border by car now if you're unvaxxed? or are the leafs still being gays about that?

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      Now it's Bidens owners keeping them out

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