How do you deal with cockroaches in 3 world countries?

So I moved to a place where it is hot and humid, so insects are common. But the apartament is nice, and was cleaned before my eyes. However roaches keep appearing in the bathroom. How do you deal with it? to me as a westerner, makes me want to leave inmediately. Some tricks? thanks

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  1. 1 year ago

    Get over it

    Its not your place. Unless you want to pay for the exterminator or b***h about the problem with the owner and waste both of your time.

    • 1 year ago

      OP here, thank you all for your answers, I am taking notes of eveything guys, much appreciated

      Just this clarification... I am leaving in 6 months, because...

      What's up with westoids moving to hot and humid places? I love travelling to scandinavia and northeast asia cuz no bugs, comfy snow, no sweating. Don't be a dumb sheep tourist, go where you feel good

      I had to rent full months in order for me to get the cheap price. I am paying equivalent of 200 dollars for a fully furnished apartment, all, I repeat, ALL costs included, in a quiet and nice place. So the roaches, the poverty/corruption, and the extreme heat (35 degrees almost everyday) is the price I had to pay to get my life in the right direction. Since I left the west, my life has been a wild adventure. I regret nothing.

  2. 1 year ago

    If they’re occasional, get poison roach traps. If they’re everywhere, get your landlord to call an exterminator.

    In either case, they will return, of course. Roaches are indestructible. But they’re also basically harmless. They might be able to carry salmonella and some other pathogens, so keep them off your food, but they’re not actually a proven vector of diseases for humans. People suspect them because they’re gross and we associate them with filth, but they’re going to outlive humankind whatever we do.

    • 1 year ago

      This is your answer anon. Even in 1st world Florida land, they're impossible to permanently rid a home of. There's always a few strays hanging about after you clear an infestation, allowing it to eventually spring back up.

  3. 1 year ago

    Just be a man, get your shoe, and stamp on it. Probably won't be the first or last you'll see during your time there so best get used to them.

    • 1 year ago

      >Just be a man, get your shoe, and stamp on it.
      Stomping on a roach is actually a really fricking bad thing to do. Killing a roach this method lets out a scent that other roaches will pick up on.

      • 1 year ago

        The scent keeps them away for a time you monumental moron

  4. 1 year ago

    Roaches need water to not die.

    You should be doing two things. The first is not shower right before you go to sleep. You should not shower right before you sleep because roaches only will crawl around at night when it is dark, next is of course the roaches are attracted to the water left in your shower or bath tub.

    So, you should have a designated anti-roach towel that you should use to wipe down anywhere that is wet in your bathroom.

    If you shower in the afternoon, that is better because it allows time for the shower to evaporate without roaches coming to the water, as you still have the lights in your apartment on.

    Next, regardless you should wipe down the water to speed up evaporation.

    If they are only in your bathroom, you can also elect to keep the lights on when you sleep and just shut the door so the light doesn't bother you.

    Next you should make sure all trash in your apartment is in a trashcan with a lid. In temperate climates like Europe and North America, it is common to have trash sitting out in the open, or inside a trash bin without a lid. While not attracting bugs in the temperate climates...

    The humidity in warm climates causes the trash to quickly rot and spoil. Bugs are much more plentiful and vicious in warmer climates, and so they will quickly find your trash and start multiplying.

    Covering your trash physically prevents the bugs from climbing into your trash bag, and also covers the smell which prevents their initial attraction.

    >t. Moved to Florida and had bug problems

  5. 1 year ago

    I had dedicated cups to cover them while showering. Then again, there weren't that many somehow, just a few big ones.

  6. 1 year ago

    we mostly just use pic related
    also our cats like to hunt them and play with them and carry them about in their mouths. cats are sadistic little psychopaths but they're fricking cute.

  7. 1 year ago

    >However roaches keep appearing in the bathroom
    do you have a floor trap (a drain in the floor something like pic related)?
    they are probably coming up through that
    make sure the cover fits securely and/or replace it with one with small holes or line it with a mesh or something. wienerroaches can squeeze themselves through tiny holes when they want to. nasty little frickers

  8. 1 year ago

    If you can get Talstar P in your country, do it. Shit works and will kill every roach in and out of your house. Just be careful when applying, you don't want to inhale that stuff.

  9. 1 year ago

    What's up with westoids moving to hot and humid places? I love travelling to scandinavia and northeast asia cuz no bugs, comfy snow, no sweating. Don't be a dumb sheep tourist, go where you feel good

  10. 1 year ago

    Hey op,

    I’ve successfully decimated a German roach population in my current apartment. They were very hard to get rid of but it’s possible.

    Roaches are in your bathroom because there’s a water source. What you need to do is poison them and find out where their hideout is.

    If they’re coming in through an open space, seal it off. Buy some caulking and seal every little hole you see in there off. Is the population large? Buy glue traps.

    First you need to get their numbers down, glue traps are great for that. Then you need something like advion to have them eat it and die, since wienerroaches eat other dead roaches this will kill many of them.

    Finally you can put borax down in any spaces they walk across, it cuts up their exoskeleton and gets em.

    Put the bait in places they’ll hide if the lights were on, behind things behind the toilet etc. for me it became fun after a while. Winning against the German forces of the wienerroaches wasn’t easy but it was a lovely ride.

  11. 1 year ago

    Get an empty spray bottle, fill it with water and dish soap and spray the roaches. Not sure if it works on oversized tropical roaches tbh, but definitely kills smaller insects.

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