How early before my flight do I need to be at the airport?

How early before my flight do I need to be at the airport?

I booked a train ticket that would make me arrive 2,5 hours early IF my train isn't late. It's a long flight from Europe to Asia and online check in isn't possible. Was this a foolish decision?

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  1. 6 months ago

    1 hour before is when check in usually closes, and add 15-30 minutes to find the desk and wait in line

    • 6 months ago

      Will they close check in when there's still someone in line? I read that getting from the train station to the terminal takes another 15 minutes. This won't be easy, bros...

      • 6 months ago

        >Will they close check in when there's still someone in line?
        I've seen them close the line to new people, you're usually ok if you're already in line and it's not a shitty budget airline

  2. 6 months ago

    2 hours is more than enough unless you're in NL by chance. Most international flights don't even open up the line for int flights until 3 hours before departure

  3. 6 months ago

    Don't listen to the homosexuals here, go there 2 hours before your flight.
    Literally anything can happen on your way to the airport and you don't want to miss your flight

    • 6 months ago

      I second this anon. Here's my recent experience:
      >Leave for Saigon airport at 4am, takes 30 minutes to get there. "Plenty of time"
      >Arrive at airport after 22 minutes or something, making excellent time. Have smoke and go inside.
      >Get to checkin for VietJet 2.25 hours before flight, check-in limit is 50 mins beforehand
      >Line up. Pretty quick. A couple of girls are at the front counter (not booths) looking very distressed. One is French so I laugh about it under my breath like a twat.
      >Karma has strange forms...
      >Get to desk. Broken English beyond belief, literal 200 word vocabulary.
      >"You aren't on the flight sir" (wife is though)
      >"Please go to the front counter to fix this
      >Gets pretty speedily fixed, but still takes up 15 mins with broken English
      >Go back to queue at front, another traveller having issues
      >Go to check un
      >"Sir the system says you can't enter the country, you can't fly!"
      Background: I'm travelling on a British passport that is new, Aus to Viet. Had problems leaving and had to find a photo of my old Aus passport which is 7yrs expired
      >Start getting angry. Literally nothing constructive from staff. Their English is fricking non-existent. I am gradually getting angrier and more unreasonable...
      >Wife is starting to cry. I ask the staff if I can talk to an English speaking staff member or superior. Continuously rebuffed, told it is my problem and I need to "APPLY FOR ETA (electronic travel authority). The only person in the group with a working SIM has gone through. Wife ultimately found that the form was just for work/travel. I'd have never been able to use it anyway.

      • 6 months ago

        You're fine. Check-In usually closes 1 hour before, Boarding 15 minutes before Departure.
        For international flights starting from Europa ~3 hours is fine.


      • 6 months ago

        Viet clowning aside, I'd wager it's true for Aus much like it's true for most of the world that you're legally required to enter and leave the country using its own passport if you're also its citizen.

    • 6 months ago

      >Literally anything can happen
      This is true, I always go 1 week early in case I get into a car accident on the way and need hospitalisation

    • 6 months ago

      This is true, don't cut it any closer than 2 hours. This was the 1 hour queue to go through security in Berlin couple weeks ago

  4. 6 months ago

    You're gonna fly on that day. You won't be doing anything else other than wait for that flight on that day. You might as well spend that time waiting in the airport or risk missing your flight or worse getting booted off your flight because airlines are demon spawn and more often than not overbook their flights, and whoever checks in late gets fricked.
    Figure out when check in opens and be there at least an hour or two before.
    Online/web check in? Still do the same. You have no idea what the queues for the security theater and immigration looks like which can take hours on busy airports or during holidays.

  5. 6 months ago

    >My Viettel SIM is data only, Optus won't accept my billing for roaming. Frick Optus.
    >Try to call Embassy in HCMC. Can't make calls. Try wifi. Still can't make calls. Start to panic even more and more.
    >Decision-making ability has gone down the drain. An hour and a quarter to go
    >Wife runs off to see if she can find a calling SIM. I try to find a payphone and run around to ask: airline won't let me use a phone, police won't, payphones are impossible to find.
    >Start losing mind. Now running around with a hacking cough and becoming increasingly panicked.
    >Have also asked AirAsia if they could help. VietJet has no other flights for that day, might have to stay in HCMC longer
    >Come to queue and loudly ask if anyone has a phone. People look stunned as frick. Ask some "white" traveller if he has a phone. Looks away sheepishly. Useless. Finally Pakistani-bro comes up and offers, changes his SIM and everything. Legend. GOD-KING AMONG MEN.
    >Call immigration. Try to get staff to talk on the phone. They outright refuse. Immi guy is super sympathetic and offers me two options: get the airline to contact border force via phone or email. He clearly states it is the AIRLINE'S RESPONSIBILITY to do this and confirm I am allowed into a country I have legal citizenship of.
    >Finally get them to agree to email. Odds of an emergency passport are zero (Christmas eve) and would have to drive across HCMC. Border Force might have only a handful of staff on. Can barely even open my phone to show screenshots.

    • 6 months ago

      >Sit down in a panic, then go outside for a smoke.
      >Come back in and realise my actions are unacceptable. These things are outside my control. I have lost clarity of mind.
      >God-tier realisation.
      >Apologise profusely, explain that it was unacceptable, that it was outside of their control, and that I will resolve to treat people better. Ask to make it up to them.
      >They're obviously still pissed when I go up. Apologise again and they're suddenly ok with it. Try to offer them remaining 150k dong to apologise. They outright refuse because that's just how Vietnam rolls.
      >Finally go through and get to gate with 3 minutes to spare.
      >Fricking horrendous experience, but a good lesson
      >Get on plane just in time. Remember, we started out with "plenty of time"

      Good luck in your travels anon. I hope nothing happens to you and you have smooth travels.

  6. 6 months ago

    1 hour before with only handbags used to be more than enough. Lately if feels like it need 2 hours to be sure. Boarding starts 30 min before take off. Last time I had check-in baggage there were 3 workers and like 20 morons with too big or heavy bags who had to discuss for 10 min each about their frick up. So with check-in baggage it's 4 hours before.

  7. 6 months ago

    I've had some airlines close checkin more than an hour before the flight. A lot of flights require you to be on board the airplane 30 minutes before the takeoff time.

    Security can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour, and if you're in a huge airport, getting to the gate can take 20 minutes or more. Plus sometimes the checkin counter for your flight moves to a completely different area of the airport for some weird reason. 2 and a half hours should be fine, but I never feel safe with that, especially during holidays.

  8. 6 months ago

    Just go well in advance, get some whisky and watch the flights take-off and land. Never gets old

  9. 6 months ago

    4 hr, dunno why jeets can not understand you need a passport or how to go through customs
    5 hr, holy frick how is this airport in existence?
    2.5, fine if you're white line otherwise fricked
    4, why does no one know how to read signs?
    2.5, why is it so unfathomably big and planes are just randomly strewn all over the empty ass airport to crunch zones of small 1 person run metal detectors

  10. 6 months ago

    >online check in isn't possible
    What kind of shit airline are you flying? I need to know so I never fly with them them.

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