10 offbeat ideas for your summer holidays

You can choose to use summer to sit down and relax, give yourself some bubbly baths, read those books you've always intended to read, and simply refuel. But if you want to try something new this summer, have a lot of fun, and make life-lasting memories with people you'd never cross paths with otherwise, this is the list for you.

So let's dive right into it.

#1. Try a new hobby

If you don’t already have a hobby nagging at you in the back of your mind, this is the time to test the waters. Ask a friend to introduce you to his or her hobby, or check out our giant list of hobbies in the picture to the right. If you're feeling lost, you can try closing your eyes and picking something at random!

#2. Check out small local events

Check out the events around your area -- festivals, art showings, parties, random stuff on craigslist, etc -- and just attend something that looks like it normally wouldn't be in your ballpark at all. If you want to see something that’s a bit further out, pack your bags and plan a short road trip. Many surrounding areas and towns will host events that you might like and enjoy, so see what your options are and add them to your schedule.

#10: Collect Instagram selfie attractions

Selfies featuring the iconic "well behaved women don't make history" neon sign at the Tonight Josephine bar in Waterloo, London. Cities and towns of every size have lots of cool spots like this.

Every region has really cool things and locations that draw in all the Instagram influencers for their photography. You may not be an influencer, but why not make a list of all of these Instagram attractions for your area and then set out to take a selfie at each one? Who knows what you'll experience and who you'll meet!

Tip: changing your location/sexuality on dating apps to see what kind of pictures women upload from the area is a nice little cheat code to find cool selfie opportunities.

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#4. Get an unusual summer job

If you want to get rid of debts faster and have some money to spend until next summer, why not find a summer job?

But why limit yourself to standing at a counter? Why not become a personal assistant, help a small production crew shoot a movie, mark trees for the National Park Service, or maybe even work in one of the thousands of theme and water parks available in this country?

#5. Volunteer for something far away

Volunteers at WildTracks. Photo by Tony Rath.

Volunteering is beneficial in many ways, and can allow you to travel abroad if you find a volunteering opportunity somewhere else. You might not be staying in the Holiday Inn, but being provided with accommodation (and often food) in return for your efforts, it is still a great way to travel. This is one of the best holiday travel tips you’ll find online.

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Secondly, volunteering is great for your resume and can help you boost your skills in the field you’re interested to work in. And finally, depending on what you choose, volunteering is a great and fulfilling way to do something good and boost your self-esteem.

#6. Go backpacking, hiking, or take a road trip

Speaking of travel, you don’t have to volunteer or own a fortune to travel during your trip. Plan a nice trip with your friends to an affordable destination, pack your bags and don’t forget about the holiday safety tips. Plan well and purchase things ahead -- it helps save a lot of money, not to mention takes away the troubles along the way.

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#7. Make a bucket list and promise to cross out at least 10 items

You've been thinking about that bucket list. Maybe it's time.

#8. Focus on your health

The busy academic days often prevent students from taking proper care of themselves, and nobody's growing younger. Take the opportunity to dedicate yourself to changing your nutrition to a healthier one, spending time in the gym or doing a sports activity you enjoy, and get the much-needed rest.

#9. Challenge yourself and try something radically new

This is the time to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, and hopefully in the process becoming a more mature, and wiser, person. What is it that you’ve wanted to do since forever? Have you decided on what you’ll do when you finish school? Try out different things to help make the big decisions in life. It will also give you great memories.

#10. Reconnect with old friends and distant family

Our pasts are littered with relationships that faded purely because of happenstance and our busy lives. Now is the time to reconnect with old friends and long lost relatives, rekindle what you once had, and plan some fun activities together.

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