Is Hamburg Worth It?

I'm leaving for Europe at the end of May and will be there for around a month. I have a distant family member who lives in Hamburg, I don't really keep in touch with her but she and her German friends offered to take me in and show me around.

I was thinking that if I go that I would be there for a week, is it worth it? I honestly have no idea if I would just be in the city or also go around, so I'm going to assume just in the city. If I didn't go then I'd just be spending more time in Poland.

And no I don't plan on cooming while there.

  1. 8 months ago

    I wouldn't spend a whole week but in my opinion Hamburg is worth seeing.
    If you're up for day trip then check out Bremerhaven, Lübeck and Helgoland.

  2. 8 months ago

    Europe is so compact you can just go from Gdansk or whatever to Hamburg and back on a bike if you want and it's still a pretty short journey. Yeah, go see Hamburg if you can because why not. It's a sizable, important city with at least two interesting things to see or do.

  3. 8 months ago

    It was my plan to go there as well, but found out he hotels were pretty expensive
    couple of nights at ibis budget hotel 400 euro wtf

    • 8 months ago

      I'd be staying with family friends so housing costs won't be a problem, what did you want to go there for?

  4. 8 months ago

    I am a Hamburg citizen for almost 20 years now. You can see the important sights in 1 or 2 full days. A week is kinda overkill but 3 to 4 days would be good, especially if you are into partying on the weekend

    • 8 months ago

      I live here currently.

      As says there is not a huge amount of tourist attractions or sightseeing required. In my opinion what makes it worthwhile is the very good selection of restaurants, events and general internationality of the city. Thankfully it is not a total shithole like Berlin. But better bring some good money, because most of the good shit is fucking expensive here.

      Its proximity to both north and baltic sea makes it a very convenient place in the summer.

  5. 8 months ago

    My first and only strip club I've ever been to was in Hamburg.
    >be me, 'Merican
    >go to bars, befriend two Canadians because they speak English
    >"we're going to the strip club, we'll pay for everything, come with us, Anon!
    >start getting lapdance in private room
    >expecting hot German stripper
    >she's Puerto Rican
    >around 1 min passes
    >hear bottles smash and cursing from outside room
    >begin to get up to leave
    >massive "madame" is at the door
    >stops me, "you pay now"
    >b-b-but i don't have any money
    >pushes me back into lapdance seat and repeats
    >never been so turned on and intimidated in my life
    >have 50 euro on me, give to lady
    >never see Canadians again
    fuck Toronto

  6. 8 months ago

    How's the cooming in Hamburg?

    • 8 months ago

      It's a port city so there's a lot of cooming, including an alley exclusively for men and prostitutes.

    • 8 months ago

      good. Go to the Kiez or rather Herbertstraße.

  7. 8 months ago

    Visited as a tourist years ago while interrailing. It's a nice enough city but there's nothing special about it, it's a very standard European city. A week is probably too long since there wasn't loads to see.

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