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How bad is weather in southern UK end of december usually? Also what things i can do for 10 days or less end of december in Birningham, Hereford, eastern Wales? I am interested in pubs, proper raves (techno or breakbeats), maybe some nice castles or something. Pic unrelated thats how i imagine Wales to be like

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    its fine if you're not a pussy

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      Is it true, that its so cold and windy you feel pain in your bones?

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    I hate the 1990s-2000s UK aesthetic

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    west of uk is more rainy than the east.
    high elevation areas can get some snow but most areas it does not accumulate for the winter. it is usually not freezing
    coast is windy

    all cool welsh castles are on the periphery of the country
    north, west, south

    Caernarfon Castle -north west
    Conwy Castle - north
    Harlech Castle - west
    Pembroke Castle - southwest
    Cardiff Castle - south
    Chepstow Castle - southEAST
    Brecon Beacons are a beautiful rural area.
    Llancaiach Fawr Manor

    east of wales
    Ludlow Castle - east of wales
    Shropshire Hills - rural area with nice cottages etc, has Stokesay Castle which has a small castle but also a medieval house that usually is the main picture.
    Blists Hill Victorian Town - live re-enactment town
    Black Country Living Museum is another one
    Shrewsbury has a nice medieval town
    Iron Bridge is like the first iron bridge
    Worcester has nice cathedral and medieval town - i would say there are more famous cathedrals or medieval towns tho
    Warwick castle is famous
    Stratford upon Avon is the shakespere town - has old timey buildings
    Gloucester has a nice cathedral, but there are more famous ones
    Lichfield another nice cathedral
    Tewkesbury - medeival town
    Chester is medium sized city ith lots of medieval buildings, even some roman remnants
    Cotswolds are an area famous for nice little villages
    Sudeley Castle is a stately home - there are greater ones that are all about 2hours outside where you are staying
    Some cool ruins Buildwas Abbey, Wenlock Priory
    Wroxeter Roman City has some ruins but also reconstruction of the fort.

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      thank you.
      How about prices outside of London? Is Birningham/Hareford/Wales and around it cool with prices? Can i have fun for cheap, and fuck some whores? Can i get some small amounts of acid or/and E (150mg maybe) on the plane, or will they find it? Sorry if stupid question i was never on the plane before

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    wales pubs
    the harp inn - old radnor
    The Boat Inn - Penallt
    The Farmers Arms - Cwmdu
    three tuns inn - has view of chepstow castle
    The Felin Fach Griffin - powys , sunday lunch

    England one
    The Bartons Arms, Birmingham - old style

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    How is public transportation there?

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      its all bad outside london, especially bad in wales

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    Can you pay for everything with credit card? And do they convert prices automatically?

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      You can pay by app as well, use it to both order and pay.

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      yes of course

      Guys, Is there enough things to do there (western England/Cardiff/Bristol/Birmingham etc) for 9 days? Or should i go for 5 days?

      5 days

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    Guys, Is there enough things to do there (western England/Cardiff/Bristol/Birmingham etc) for 9 days? Or should i go for 5 days?

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      i recommend you go to the village of cockington

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      You can't see any outdoor sites in december, except from within your car.
      You're gonna spend all your time in pubs and museums if you do that, so it's the same shit everywhere.

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    in bham, for raves - club PST in digbeth, in the city centre. digbeth in general is great for a night out. good pubs - sunflower lounge is nice in the city centre, but moseley is a better area for pubs; any pub there is good but i recommend the dark horse. if you want a lively local that is full of tramps and almost always has a fight going on go to the navigation in kings norton green.
    warrick castle is a pleasant enough castle. go on a walk through the lickey hills. sutton park in north birmingham has horsies in it.

    have fun

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    Is BIRMINGHAM the loosest city in the UK?

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