What are your best advices for a guy starting to travel alone?

What are your best advices for a guy starting to travel alone? Places to see, things to always pack, luggage, sites to check out for accommodation...and so on

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    >places to see
    The same you do while in groups. Touristic sights, you know? Perhaps hiking, going to a beach...
    >things to always pack
    Also the same you would travelling in a group. Your toiletries (although I usually buy them at destination), underwear, clothes...
    Carry on plus weekender as a personal item. Bigger bag if you bring too much stuff and don't mind checkin it. Backpack if you are le traveller.
    Hotels that fit your budget. Hostels if you want to socialize and/or is a poorfag.

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    london paris rome venice florence and amsterdam or barcelona
    if you dont like that then say something about yourself where you are traveling from if you are poor or have money if you like stuff and what you want to do

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    make an itinerary

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      bump, good thread

      I'm thinking about doing a solo india trip soon, any advice

      • 8 months ago

        take some time to adjust to the chaos
        get out of the big cities
        find smallish towns that attract other travellers
        they will have better restaurants, guest houses, and usually a reason to be there
        when taking rikshaws watch to see how much locals are paying and just hand the driver that amount at the end of the trip and walk away
        get a good gut flora going, eat fermented foods that you make yourself, eat the local yogurt when you get there
        those who try for hygiene in india get sick, those who give zero fucks stay strong, keep your immune system and gut strong
        ummm, if you want to bang traveler chicks then do some yoga shit
        avoid goa, check out gokarna, south in the winter, north in the spring
        don't underestimate the monkeys, they will fuck you up, have a healthy fear and steer clear, if they are fucking with you just throw some rocks and bark at them, same with the dogs
        go with the flow and throw expectations out the window

        • 7 months ago

          >avoid goa
          why? generally I heard Goa is beautiful

          • 7 months ago

            Only the south is, I wouldn't say avoid Goa, Palolem is very nice and relaxed, get a motorbike and fine some desolate beaches.
            Gokarna is a great tip!

  5. 8 months ago

    wear a condom. aids and herpes is still a thing.

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    Try to find "party hostels". They have events every evening so you can socialize with people.

    Carry drugs for fever, cold, diarrhea. Keep your hygiene in check. Carry a mouthwash.

    • 8 months ago

      do you know of any party hostels?

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    Stay in hostels, it's simply the easiest way to make a good trip a great trip.
    You will meet a ton of people in them, often you can ask them about places to go or sometimes people will just invite you to places. Don't listen to the myths about hostels only being for hippy stoners or weird old guys; there's all sorts of people in them and that is part of the fun, I have met full time investors and people that are travelling to play in gaming competitions on my trips. staying around new people will also improve your social skills immensely which a lot of people on this website can do with.
    On the other hand not all hostels are made equal, some are small and quiet and some are huge and never stop the music, I prefer something in the middle so read the reviews before booking.

    >What to pack
    Clothing obviously depends on location (do you really need a down jacket in the tropics?) but typically bring enough clothes for like 5 or 6 days. Other countries wash their clothes too, and in a pinch, washing your clothes in the sink or shower is totally fine.
    Leave the nintendo switch and the ipad at home. Your phone is enough and if you're going for a long time or maybe working while traveling, a small laptop. Power adapter and phone battery pack are a must.

    Skip the wheeled suitcases, they WILL become cumbersome and annoying, use only a backpack. Put some other personal bag in your backpack like a tote bag or sling for you to use daily. Osprey has a good range of backpacks, if you are only travelling for a couple weeks than carry-on only is totally possible, otherwise a slightly larger bag may be needed.

    Booking for accomodation
    Rome2Rio for transport
    SkyScanner for flights

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      My other tips

      -Be spontaneous. If someone invites you to do something cool, you should probably do it even if you didn't have it in your plans.
      -Don't try to do too much, a lot of people have this problem and try to cram all of Europe into a 2 week trip.
      -Keep a low profile, avoid standing out too much. Especially in more conservative countries like the middle east or japan, don't be the "loudmouth westerner" just smile and be polite. Don't be too loud and annoy locals, they will like you more.
      -Do local things such as use public transport, eat local foods, go to the supermarket. I really enjoy going to the supermarket and buying some food and making my own meals, it helps me save money and eating out at restaurants every meal gets tiring.
      -If you like saving money, look for overnight transport options. Overnight buses or boats are common in many countries and get you accommodation and transport in 1.
      -Don't be a picky eater, if you are just know that I have a very low opinion of you.

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    That's a dude, right?

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