Where in Europe should I travel to if I am overwhelmed by crowds, loudness, and big cities? I like history and nature.

Where in Europe should I travel to if I am overwhelmed by crowds, loudness, and big cities?
I like history and nature. I was thinking Ireland, Scotland, or Norway. I'd also like to visit France one day but don't know if I could handle the major cities there and wouldn't know where to go aside from the cities.

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    whats a big city to you? plenty of small cities that are cool but not packed with tourists

    sometimes some touristy places can be beautiful all over but the tourist draw is just a few specific clusters of the city and the rest is chill. Oxford for example - touristy downtown, but north of the city is lovely riverwalk and the secodary streets north was quite peaceful for a street (i was staying at easyhotel a bit from the centre.)

    not an absolute rule but one way of getting away from the crowd if in a city is to walk uphill if there is a major hill in the city i can only think of one example where this wasn't really true. sure at the top of the hill there might be other transport up there that you meet some people again but still. Lyon for example - i don't think you should go based on your description, but they have a steep hill, to get to another part of town where there is the gallo romano theatre and the new church overlooking the city- and backside of this hill is a city park with minimal people.
    the best are cities that you can get access into a hike - grenada, walking uphill past the alhambra palace, you can get a beautiful hike in these foothills

    go see the famous tourist sites early in the morning, or when its raining? find the quiet spots during the nice weather

    hard to find an ideal choice, but sometimes staying at a resort - if it is not too cheap, it can be a relatively peaceful atmosphere, and then you can leave the property and find some peaceful walks - but it is the risk of being around families with noisy kids or partying adults.
    you could look where wellness retreats are or related type places and if didnt want to go to them specifically could see if the area seemed cool to visit as in not too bustling, but not isolated.

    i assume you don't drive, all the countries you consider will have beautiful scenic areas.

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    quiet places ive been in france
    one time i went a friends family cottage on Île d'Yeu - atlantic island, very small fishing towncentre, then a bunch of old island houses sold as holiday homes. you can bike around the whole island. some people camp there. its mild weather in summer.
    probably quite similar to brittany

    i went to a wedding in Beaujolais valley, amazing landscape. it was at a large estate so the view was heavenly but all the towns have a tour route kind of.
    look into wine regions (or other alcohol whisky/whiskey scotland and ireland)
    not just france, but italy for example the whole country is filled with beautiful places and even if there are many famous tourist spots there are still like the wine regions in friuli are not so internationally famous for travel vs other parts of italy.
    rhine river germany - also filled with vineyards

    scotland - scotrail advertises some great scenic rail journeys, could give you a straightforward route to see some old places that also have easy access to nature that shouldnt be too crowded
    im thinking of the west highland line - though with proper research im sure you could find cool stuff on them all obviously

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    Half the catalog is zoomers travelling for the first time asking if they'll be ok without mummy. Sort it out mods.

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    >Overwhelmed by crowds
    Have you tried to see a medical professional to cure your autism ?

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    Switzerland. Super quiet. The trains are never filled. It's too expensive for begpackers. They didn't let in the brown people. The towns are pretty and small. Zermatt is super chill. But it won't be cheap.

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    Northern England, Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Baltics. Ireland and Spain have big cities but lots of low population area as well. Croatia and Greece are arguably like that as well. The further away from the blue banana, the fewer people in general.

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    Romania is the right answer

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    Just start drinking and taking benzos while exposing yourself to overwhelming stimuli to grow out of the autism.

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