have you ever been to albania? how was it? I want to go there.

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  1. 3 months ago

    Shkoder > Tirana > Vlore >>> Durres
    Poor backwarda cheap illiterate safe
    Good weather, no one English
    There are gigantic bus stations in most cities that have the name of the destination on the side of the bus, extremely cheap and best way to travel
    Albanian women are strange but immensely attractive

    • 3 months ago

      ok and what did you think of the food there? also why are women strange?

      • 3 months ago

        Greek, lots of meat and dairy. Every meal comes with some kinda veggie. I didn't love it but if you like feta cucumbers and meat, you'll enjoy it (also, cheap)
        It's a secular Islamic country, don't know how else to describe the vibe. Look up the "kanun"
        Also, lots of prostitution from what I could tell. But you could probably find any kind of woman there

        7/10 I'd go there again

        • 3 months ago

          what did you do there? what did you visit?

          • 3 months ago

            I lived there during Covid
            Didn't visit anything because I don't care about Albania, besides an old Serb monastary in Vlore. It was extremely off the beaten path (tons of goats nearby) but it was cool. The central square in Tirana is very popping, seems like there's a lot of attractions if you look for more than a second. The big park in Tirana is very, very nice, went looking for hedgehogs there (did not find any). Lastly my brother went to a museum about communism in Shkoder, from what he's told me it's very interesting (won't spoil it for you but religion was a big factor)
            Also go to any sort of countryside and look at bunkers n stray dogs n privately owned beaches n stuff, lots of Balkan-unique stuff there
            I'd recommend trying to meet other travelers while there if you're into any sort of nightlife, it exists but you'd better have a friend come along for safety reasons

  2. 3 months ago

    I've heard it is cheap and a lot of cocaine. I don't know how safe it is, but I would probably look at MonteBlack vs Albania.

    • 3 months ago

      So in other words you don’t actually know what you’re talking about? Next time just don’t say anything

      • 3 months ago

        So in other words, go elsewhere for sex tourism parasite.

  3. 3 months ago

    I went there last june and it was cool for me, like a travel back in time
    Easy, quiet, simple, poor people
    I liked Berat and Argirocastro while Tirana is meh
    Food is good and cheap, same for sleeping
    Language may be a problem because very few people can speak english

  4. 3 months ago

    >Cheap food, mostly good. Sometimes incredible for the price. Fresh ingredients
    >Cheap housing and accommodation, quality ranges
    >Beautiful beaches in the far south (only in the Ionian)
    >Beautiful hike-able mountain ranges in the north
    >Bus system mostly intuitive
    >Friendly and curious people, also helpful
    >Chill cafe culture with good internet access Pretty much everyone just hangs out at cafes all day
    >Plenty of peaceful villages off the beaten path
    >Lots of opportunities for urbex activities

    >Infrastructure is (literally) in the toilet
    >Open sewage flows
    >Have to watch out for random holes in the pavement
    >Poor air quality
    >Garbage everywhere. Every other frick seems to just open their car and fling a bag of garbage on the side of the road. Any empty lot has garbage strewn everywhere. People just chuck it out of their hand while walking
    >Some form of poverty almost everywhere you look
    >People will try to scam you if you look gullible
    >Buses are outdated and slow as frick. I'm talking 7 hours for a 3.5 hour ride
    >Shitty brutalist architecture, including lots of unfinished concrete development
    >Collective lethargy and depression. Lack of opportunity and education means lack of direction. Morale nonexistent among certain groups, especially young men in their early 20s. Lot of backwards low IQ morons. All the smart ones have left (brain drain)
    >Lazy ass workers will sit there with their mouth hanging open scrolling on their phone while they have customers to help or a million dishes collecting on the tables or trash all over the floor
    >Lots of really unappealing or poorly designed tourist infrastructure in the northern mountains
    >Hordes of moronic German and Dutch tourists who have never been outside before think that the Valbone valley is "untouched"
    >Soil and water pollution
    >Tourists coming more and more every year supporting corny industries
    >Corruption rampant

    • 2 months ago

      ok, seems you have more cons, was your experience bad in albania or good?

      • 2 months ago

        Why not just visit it and see for yourself?

  5. 2 months ago

    I'm living in Tirana right now
    It is cheaper than the US but not by much, I think it's gotten more expensive recently. A restaurant meal costs $5-10
    Yes it is dirty
    Re: women, the good news is they're very feminine. The bad news is they're very feminine. They're weird about communication, it seems they expect you to be a mind reader. Most of them are looking for husbands. Tinder isn't big here at all, practically no one under 26 uses it except hookers
    Nightlife is hard to get into as there isn't much in the way of clubbing or parties. People just go out in couples and groups and sit at tables in bar-cafes.
    The food is ok

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