Did I frick up?

Booked a 10 trip to Paris in February because I am unemployed and the tickets were cheap so why not.

However, I live in Florida so I forget that everything goes to shit in the Winter like picrel.

Should I still go through with it even though the parks will not be as aesthetically pleasing?

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  1. 6 months ago

    Meant to say "10 day trip"

  2. 6 months ago

    best time to go, unironically in wintera and now cause the isrealis and hamas are giving a discount for hotels and travel.

    just avoid gettung your head chopped off by the israeli ppl and you're okay imo I almost went to paris myself last night and I have friends in lyon and more.

  3. 6 months ago

    See the musee dorsee, the catacombs, that big cemetery. If you're not stuck in Paris because of your hotel go to the south of France,

    February is a poxy time to see Northern Europe

  4. 6 months ago

    >everything goes to shit in the Winter like picrel.
    toughen up you sally

  5. 6 months ago

    Paris is better in the winter. Less annoying tourists shitting up all the parks.

    • 6 months ago

      checked and this. also you can get some utterly glorious days. Its gonna be cold as frick though, pack warm clothes.
      picrel is from when i went there in February a few years back.

  6. 6 months ago

    mid to late february is often both dry and sunny, go for it

  7. 6 months ago

    I went to Paris this February, it was cold but sunny. Not too bad.

  8. 6 months ago

    Enjoy your free bed bugs

  9. 6 months ago

    You would have to pay me to spend 10 days in Paris in winter

  10. 6 months ago

    Fricking pussy. Suck it up, and wear a coat. Why did you think it was so cheap?

  11. 6 months ago

    Winter is good. No lines, less tourists and scammers, everything is cheaper.
    Paris is beautiful (yes I said it) regardless of if the trees have leaves or not.

  12. 6 months ago

    If you would have said Copenhagen or Amsterdam like other recently active threads, I would have said you fricked up. But Paris is actually okay in February, I would say it's actually pretty good. There are tons to see and do indoors in case there is some rain. And there are much less tourists.

    If you run out of things to do, see if there are some cheap fast trains to some random other French town. Just do a day trip or something to be able to say you've been outside Paris.

  13. 6 months ago

    Is paris safe for a solo tourist? What percent of Paris is even white nowadays?

    • 6 months ago

      It's safe if you exercise basic awareness
      >don't be a sperg
      >plan your trip ahead
      >don't look confused
      >watch for pickpockets
      >don't give money to people on the street
      Once you get a hold of the metro/rer it's easy to move around since most signage is in english, there's always armed police and military around airports, train stations and tourist areas

  14. 6 months ago

    Can always just take a train south to the mediterranean

  15. 6 months ago

    I was gonna say enjoy the Christmad vibes but Feb is a bit late for that.

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