Foreign friends

Tired of threads about cooming in foreign countries.
Have you met any bros or platonic friends in foreign countries?

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  1. 8 months ago

    I shared a drink with a possibly homeless guy in barbados and smoked weed with him

    • 8 months ago

      nah he was just black

  2. 8 months ago

    Yeah I was traveling with a buddy overseas and he insisted we get a travel guide for a couple days so we got recommended this dude and he ended up being really cool. He was working at a hostel and doing tours in the side and told me his dream was to open his own hostel and he had been saving for years and was learning the ropes where he was working. A couple years later I emailed him to check in and he had actually opened a hostel and I jokingly said he should hire me and he was like when can you start? So then I went back and worked at his hostel for a few months. This was about ten years ago and we haven't talked much since but I know if I ever fly across the world again he'd welcome me there like old times.
    I made another good friend in a language immersion program overseas, a chill Chilean guy. We ended up hanging out a lot and after we went back to our hoke counties we stayed in touch and I actually flew down to visit him a few years ago.
    So yeah, I've made a few good friends overseas.

  3. 8 months ago

    I think for the most part people I've met have been fellow travelers.

    Met some Koreans at a club in Osaka, and after partying got drunken meal with them and ended up giving me good recommendations for when I visited Seoul shortly after.

    Also met a German and Spanish couple on a tour in Seville that I met up with few times after to watch EuroCup, get drinks, etc.

    A South American couple were the only ones of a large tour group to make it to the final club in Cancun, met up with them once afterward.

    Germans in Japan for karaoke. Went around Tokyo with them for a day after.

    The only "natives" I really got to know were in Switzerland. Bartender heard I was into brewing and gave me a number of samples and invited me out to meet people when his shift ended.

    None of these meetups involved cooming though some of the trips did have coming later on.

  4. 8 months ago

    I've made a couple swedish friends in India that I still communicate with years later. Even visited one in Gothenberg. Swedes are good shit.

  5. 8 months ago

    I barely have friends in my own country, I'm not gonna make any in other countries. Also, I travel so I can minimize social interactions. I'm tired of being buddy-buddy with people I know. I just want to go someplace foreign and recharge my social battery. The only people I want to be talking to are people who are directly involved with my travels (airline staff, hotel staff, restaurant staff, etc.).

  6. 8 months ago

    I’m too scared to have Thai friends. Some 22 year old American (albeit some kind of brown muttmerican) was stabbed to death by his friend for apparently refusing to allow his Thai friend to draw a swastika on his head.

    I hate to say this but i perceive a very inferior level of emotional and intellectual development among non-western nations. With that comes a lack of emotional control, which can lead to unforeseen vicious acts of violence because “muh loss of face”

    That’s why it bewilders me that people can just freely venture around foreign countries and not feel constantly in danger
    >muh pussy
    Sorry I don’t feel like getting hacked to death for declining some weird poison alcohol beverage by a farmer because the decline was a little to rude

  7. 8 months ago

    Nice Dutch girl I met in China stayed with me in Australia when she came to tour around the country.
    I have a bunch of other random friends on socials I haven't seen since, I still like seeing what they get up to in their own travels, most seem to get around a lot.

    • 8 months ago

      Did you... you know...

      • 8 months ago

        do i know what?

        • 8 months ago

          He's asking if you coom'd in the dutchie girlie.
          That interests me also, but since this is an anti coom thread I assume you didn't. It's just hard for me to imagine befriending a woman platonically since I am not the type to do that

  8. 8 months ago

    Met a group in Asia. Of course they were kinda deranged but it did mean some people to go out to drink with and shit and they did have some other fun stuff they did.

  9. 8 months ago

    One time I was hitchiking across the baltics with a friend and when we were dropped of at a border town o na wednesday night some old guy came up yo us and asked where we were staying and invited us to come over to his house and drink.

    He took us to this old rundown house that had no runnig water and the only source of electricity and light was a car battery connected to an old car headlight that was hanging from the ceiling.

    Before we left he showed us where he hides the house key and said that whenever we happen to come by we can just enter the house if he's not home.

    Later I moved in and lived in that house while paying 10€ rent per month and both me and my friend have visited him after.
    This guy knows everybody in the village and has contacts for anything.

    I have lots of stories about this guy, he's a local legend.

    Another time I was in Serbia and some weird guy who was with some older woman started talking to me in the supermarket so we just started talking and ended up going to a park to smoke weed.
    Then I was invited to a shared flat where they were staying.

    We went to this tiny flat and the owner was there.
    The flat was abobawdely filthy, totally covered in rubbish and there were three people sleeping there side by side.
    It was fun hanging out with them.

    I reutrned there with a friend a few months later and spent some time woth these guys and stayed at this flat for four days as we were hitchiking across europe.

    Later I helped a russian friend of mine get out of russia and this guy arranged everything for my russian friend and they've been friend ever since, now I have a good social circle in serbia if I happen to go there.
    Apparently the flat is now cleaned up.


    • 8 months ago

      When I was hitchiking in Spain I got picked up by this german dude who was living in a van he had built and was traveling to find a new place to settle in becauae he had grown tired of germany.

      We traveled together for several weeks, when we would arrive at some random town he would sleep in his van and I would find an abandoned building or something and meet up with him at the van the next morning for breakfast and then we would decide where to go or what to do next.

      He had some interesting stories to tell of his hippie days.
      Finally in Andalusia he found the place to be for himself, it was a small town on the coast where lots of van life tourists would stop by and there was an off the grid hippie village an hour away where you could only hike as there was no way to get there otherwise.

      He met some germans who lived there and got offered a job.

      We're still in contact, if I happen to pass by spain some day I'll be sure to say hello.

      I continued on to Portigal from there and from Portugal I decided to just randomly go and live in west africa, I started a bakery there and lived in a village for 5 months.

      • 8 months ago

        To follow up with more stories about people that I've met, these ones are people who I'm no lomger in contact with.

        One time when I was hitchiking in lithuania with a friend we got picked up by a car that had our home country's plates on it and we thought we got picked up by one of our people but as we approached the car someone handed me a burning joint and told us to get in.
        It was a stolen car, the driver sold stolen cars and weed for a living.
        He also had a pet japanese hairless lab rat.

        He drove us to a rundown ghetto town that was his home and told us to wait outside, he brought a bong weed and mattresses that we laid down on the grass to sit on.
        He was living with his mum in a soviet block tenement complex.

        He invited us to stay there for a few days, I agreed to it but my friend got too paranoid and decided to continue on without me and we would meet up later.

        He would go up to his mum's place to sleep while I would sleep in the car.

        Next day he wanted to go out and make some money so he got a bunch of weed and drove around really fast and recklessly whike smoking a joint with just one hand on the steering wheel.
        It was hilarious, we went around dropping off weed shipments.

        He still had the mattresses in the boot so later when we met up with his friends by a bond we took out the mattresses and chilled.
        Later he showed me scenic spots in the city and so on.

        • 8 months ago

          The next day we did the usual driving around thing.
          He wanted to go around with skateboards and hand out xtc pills and mushrooms to random people, I thought why not lol so we went out in the evening.
          I didn't hand out drugs but I accompanied him to it, this guy knew everybody and I really mean everybody.
          Wherever we went people recognised him and he seemed to have a good reputation, he was known as the funny guy who always comes up with ways to entertain other people.

          He brought the rat with him to skate around and to the nightclub as well, when we got back to the car and drove off he realized that he left the rat in the club but he knew the employees so it wouldn't be an issue.

          The next day I continued on hitchiking.

          We were in contact a few times but he was constantly going around lithuania.

          One day he disappeared, I think he went to jail, dunno.

          I was thinking of goi g back to the town and finding people who know him because I know this one graffiti artist who is close friends with him and I know how to find this guy's info online.

          • 8 months ago

            Another time me and my friend landed to monteBlack and started hitchiking at the airport, two albanians in a black range rover asked if we wanted to go to albania with them I we thought why not.

            We headed towards a city called skoder, the driver was a long bearded guy who had a construction company in london.
            He would work in london for 3 months and come back to albania for another 3 months and so on.

            He showed us amazing natural wonders along the way, not a single tourist in sight.
            Only locals knew of these places.

            When we arrived in shkoder he bought kebab for us and asked of we wanted to come visit his billage and we said yes.
            He left us at some cafe and told us to wait for one hour, two hours passed and he showed up to pick us up and we headed towarda the village.

            We stopped by his friend's house for some home grown grapes and continued our journey towards the village.

            At the village he showed us a house he was constructing and told us a story about the village, when he was a child everyone was dirt poor under enver hoxhas dictatorship but once everyone grew up they qent to different countries, some returned rich while some returned poor and some in between.
            The village had become more divided as some lived in huge palaces while others in rusty shacks.

            He inbited us to the local mosque and once we got there he told us that he was the local imam and he performed the prayer seremony and sung the call to prayer, it was really cool.
            We sat by the door while they were praying.

            After that he took us to a local cafe, we met some locals and then he drove us back to shkoder and insisted that he would pay for a night at a hostel and buy food for a feq days so we went to a supermarket to buy food and then went to a hostel.
            He gave us a 2000 lek note and wished safe trails for our journey.

            I'm not in contact with this giy because he's a super conservative muslim and I felt like he was just tryibg to convert me to islam afterwards when we talked on whatsap

  10. 8 months ago

    Every time I meet some 'cool dudes' overseas, they turn out to be homosexuals trying to get into my pants, or they are pulling some sort of con to get free food/drinks, or to get me to one of their shops to buy some shit.

    I just don't trust anybody anymore.

    The homosexual problem was actually very serious in India/Bangladesh. If it wasn't a tout trying to scam me into buying something worthless, it was a 'friendly' guy trying to get me alone to solicit me for gay sex.

    • 8 months ago

      You did go for it didn't you?

      Understandable that eventually anyone would grow tired of it

    • 8 months ago

      I would've punched them. That is disgusting

  11. 8 months ago

    So far I met only one person I keep in touch with longterm.
    I met her in a hostel in Auckland and we spent quite a few days together before I left and I consider her as my very close friend and she knows things, I would never tell my friends in my home country.

    For some reason she contacted me first, even though she saw me once totally fricked up when I behaved like total immature butthole.
    We write each other about our life and all that stuff.

    Otherwise a few instagram people, but I dont write with them.

    Also when I was in Malta, there was this hostel where I felt really included (for me as a social moron). During the day I went solo, but in the evening I went to party with the people there and I felt really sad I had to leave.

  12. 8 months ago

    The concept of platonic friends only exists in homophobic societies. Suck your bro off to show how much you love him.

    • 8 months ago

      >Muh leftist buzzword

      Suck a dick and die you fricking homosexual

  13. 8 months ago

    It seems like a lot of you befriended other travelers.
    Anyone end up making good friends with natives?

    • 8 months ago

      I rarely become friends with tourists, it's almost always with natives

  14. 8 months ago

    Same. Coomera disgust me.

    I've made a lot of friends, good and bad, a lot of memories, but they are all temporary. My lifestyle doesn't allow me to form long bonds with people and I don't feel fit for it. I am now without anyone really around me, it's peaceful if not a tad bit boring. I do want to have some social life again, only with the right people, which is hard, but I first need to make myself who I want to be fully. I have some changes to do.

  15. 8 months ago

    Yeah it's much easier(and more fulfilling tbh) to make friends than it is to frick random bawds. Although fricking hookers is always fun, I'll give that to the coomers

  16. 8 months ago

    What's the best way to find foreign penpals?
    I'd like to make some frens that I could later meet up with when I travel overseas.
    We could send each other postcards and cool stuff like that

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