Going to see a friend in Southampton in the spring, any good shit there?

Going to see a friend in Southampton in the spring, any good shit there?

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    have u been to uk before?

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        enjoy all the meme foods

        once you travel for a bit, sometimes museums get a bit tedious, but the ones in and around southampton look nice - onions sky - airplanes, seacity museum - titanic exhibits. in the new forest national park there is an automobile museum and also a motorcycle museum

        you guys have a car? willing to go on a train?
        nearby winchester - historical town englands first capital, king arthur's round table. a bunch of niche military museusm, if you are indian/asian - it even has a gurkha museum.

        salisbury has a grand cathedral, its also the closest city to stonehenge, old sarum is the ruins of a hill fort

        windsor castle is reachable
        Highclere Castle is more of a mansion, was it used in downton abbey show?
        Netley Abbey some nice ruins
        fort nelson
        Titchfield Abbey
        explore isle of wight

        the search function on sites like these are good it shows results by distance

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          I recommend Winchester and Salisbury as well, both beautiful, quaint places to visit. Bath as well, but I think that's a bit further out.

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          >in the new forest national park there is an automobile museum and also a motorcycle museum
          I recommend this too I went as a teenager and it was cool.. they had a Top Gear exhibition on at the time but I don’t know if that’s still there
          The name of the place is Beaulieu
          It’s also a nice historic village on the river, good for a walk
          I don’t know much about Southampton itself but I’m sure there are probably some nice historic pubs to visit

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    I’m also trans, not sure if that is important or not

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    Not exactly southampton proper, but victory at portsmouth was pretty cool. Might be worth waiting until the latest round of renos are complete though

    If you like historical landmarks, everything to do with the isle of wight/cowes/queen victoria/the kaiser would be worth it if you can get there

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    there's a pretty good music and culture scene. it's a big student city so there's usually something going on. have a look at the o2 (aka the guildhall) or the mayflower theatre and see what's on around that time
    southampton has some important history e.g. the titanic but there aren't really that many things to see except a few memorials etc. also there are some medieval walls, if you like walls. better to go to portsmouth or winchester if you like historical stuff.

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    Southampton has an ok wharf with decent shopping but the historic docks in Portsmouth are great. Do the audio tour for HMS Victory

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    Never did I expect southampton to be on SighSee lmao. where are you coming from?

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    outside the city there is the tank museum at Bovington

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    take the train to the New Forest. Brockenhurst is a really nice place to walk for the day. Some nice places for tea and some nice pubs as well. You can also head over to Brighton and get some good fish and chips by the beach.

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    here is how to spend a week in southampton:
    >meet a girl on Monday
    >takee her for a drink on Tuesday
    >make love by Wednesday
    >And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday
    >chill on Sunday

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      When the crowd go wild, tell me what you gonna do?

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