How many clothes (minimum) do you bring with you when traveling?

How many clothes (minimum) do you bring with you when traveling?

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  1. 9 months ago

    3-4 days and make sure I have access to washer/dryer along the way. Ive done three week trips out of a carry on backpack just gotta wash your shit so you dont stink like the rest of the Europeans.

  2. 9 months ago

    If I'm only bringing carry-on, I usually aim for 5-7 days (including the clothes I'm wearing for the flight).

  3. 9 months ago

    1 shirt for everyday up to a week
    1 per day plus 2-3 pairs extra of underwear/socks for up to a week
    1 pair of athletic shorts to wear at home/3 days up to 4
    2 pairs of jeans/trousers/shorts to wear about the day minimum, +1 for every 3 days

  4. 9 months ago

    I wear the same clothes and look like a bum

  5. 9 months ago

    More underwear, less clothes, things that don't need ironing, layers.

  6. 9 months ago

    MINIMUM? 1 pair of trousers (lightweight jogger/cargopants kind of things) and 3 t shirts, with like 2 pairs of underwear. I don't wear socks anymore because I just wear sandals. I normally take 2 trousers because I'm never travelling for less than a month.

  7. 9 months ago

    Comfortable shoes are the most important thing.

    Bring fewer clothes. Make room for local wine that's cheap and just as good as what you get at home. You can wash your clothes over there if necessary. Lots of 'boutique' places have washing machines. If not, own your smell but keep the wine.

  8. 9 months ago

    Only carry-on, I don't want that some corrupt staff at the airport plants me drugs.

  9. 9 months ago

    All you really need are the clothes on your back. Bring some extra socks and underpants which you can wash in a sink and dry overnight to feel fresh.

    Remember, how you smell is other people's problem, not yours.

    • 9 months ago

      >Bring some extra socks and underpants which you can wash in a sink and dry overnight to feel fresh.
      How do you go about that? Just rub the stuff with a bar of soap inside and out?

      • 9 months ago

        Liquid soap and hot water. There's not much difference between dish soap and detergent, since they're all just water, sodium lauryl sulfate, and perfume.

        How many clothes (minimum) do you bring with you when traveling?

        You can use the same pair of pants for a week, shirt for 2-3 days, and change socks and underwear daily. If going to a place where laundromats are hard to find, I normally go to the local Walmart type store after landing and get the cheapest bulk pack of socks and underwear for like $5. Then just throw them it away before going back.

        • 9 months ago

          You need a minimum of one shirt a day in humid climates, if not 2 if you go out in the evening

          • 9 months ago

            How fat you are? You sure must sweat a lot.

            • 9 months ago

              Not him but I typically like to be outside when I travel. If I leave my hotel at 7 am and come back 3 pm I'm not going out in the same clothes I just spent sweating into for 8 hours. You're going to sweat in 35-40c weather no matter what your weight is unless you have genes that don't make you perspire as much. Europeans however are not like that

  10. 9 months ago

    2 outfits. Next question.

  11. 9 months ago

    I don't pack underwear because it's just extra clothes you don't need

  12. 9 months ago

    I wouldn't worry about it

  13. 9 months ago

    Enough for a week
    Anything less just gets bothersome with constant laundry days

    • 9 months ago

      This is what I've learned from experience. Traveling ultralight only makes sense if you are planning to move around on foot a lot, and it always involves wearing the same clothes for days or weeks between washes. A weeks worth is not a whole lot, you can fit it in a backpack if you plan well.

  14. 9 months ago

    This winter for SEA I intend to bring seven boxers, seven pairs of socks, and five/six T-shirts. Three button-down shirts, three or four pairs of long pants, two pairs of street shorts, and one pair of swimming trunks. Should be a relatively light load in my duffel bag, versus the sleeping bag, inflatable pad, jackets, and other bullshit I had to carry on my previous trip. I will prepare to sweat out my clothes every evening by walking around the city for miles, if I am by myself that evening. Shower and change before bed. No nightclothes; except for collared shirts, I will wear the next day's outfit in bed.

  15. 9 months ago

    If I'm doing a week (7 days) trip in Vegas it's:
    1 pair jeans
    1 pair shoes
    10 sets of underwear (undies, socks, shirts)
    1 outerwear shirt/sweater per day of the trip

    That's it. Everything fits ins a carry on.

  16. 9 months ago

    Not including the clothes I'm already wearing, I have:
    >7 shirts
    >7 pairs of socks
    >7 pairs of underpants
    >1 pair of pants/trousers
    >1 jacket
    I do laundry every 7 days.

  17. 9 months ago

    >12 pairs of socks
    >10 pairs of underwear
    >10 t-shirts
    >2-3 dress, polo or flannel shirts
    >3 hoodies
    >3 jeans
    >1 pair of shoes
    >1 jacket
    >1 hat

  18. 9 months ago

    1 pair of jeans
    1 pair of shorts
    5 shirts
    5 boxers
    5 sock pairs

  19. 9 months ago

    3 pairs underwear
    3 pairs socks
    3 jeans
    3 shirts
    2 jackets
    1 swim trunks
    9 months

  20. 9 months ago

    One shirt, one pair of pants, two underwear and 3-4 pairs of socks + a spare shirt suited to the climate.

    There's absolutely no need for more, and if you for some reason end up in a clothes deficit you can just buy an extra shirt where you're staying.

  21. 9 months ago

    Depends entirely on the length of the trip. For anything longer than a week I like to bring about a week’s worth of underwear and shirts, plus a couple of extras, because I am a sweaty bastard and may want to shower and change in the evenings if I’m anywhere hot. In most climates I am comfortable wearing the same trousers a couple of times before I wash them, so I get by with 3-4 pairs/week for most trips. Usually one pair of jeans and 2-3 pairs of non-jeans. I hate shorts, and only wear them in extremely casual settings where they don’t make me look like a slobby overgrown child, so typically just on tropical beaches. And even there I would rather just wear linen-blend trousers most of the time.

    For trips shorter than a week, I bring a shirt and underwear for every day I’ll be on the ground; plus one or two spares, and at least two pairs of trousers.

    I rarely travel with multiple pairs of shoes, except for sometimes bringing a pair of sandals if I’m going somewhere warm/beachy, or a pair of boots appropriate for snow, hiking, or other where necessary. But I’m not sure I’ve ever brought more than two pairs of footwear in total.

    I obviously make sure to have easy access to laundry for all trips, and occasionally buy something on the road.

  22. 9 months ago

    For shorter trips:
    >1 pair of shorts
    >1-2 pairs of jeans
    >5 pairs of underwear
    >5 pairs of socks
    >3-4 t-shirts
    >1-2 dress shirts
    >dress shoes, if I plan on going anywhere fancy and/or hiking shoes, if I plan to do any hiking

    I actually pack heavier than I used to, but that's largely because I like having a wardrobe that works for different functions.

  23. 9 months ago

    For 7+ days trips, at least
    >7 pairs of underwear and socks
    >2 pairs of pants (plus the one I'm wearing while travelling)
    >5 shirts (oxofrd, dress or polo)
    >2 tshirts (as sleepwear)
    >1 shorts (sleepwear)
    >2 pairs of shoes
    If I plan to go to a pool, add two speedos, slipers and swim trunks. If is a chilly place, add two sweaters and jacket as needed. I've always travelled with at least 3 pairs of shoes as I like to dine at least once in a fancy place, have a more presentable shoes for light urban exploring and going out and a pair of sneakers for exercise and/or long walks.
    It's much more than most here would pack but all that fits in a carry on + personal item. And that's pretty much the same clothes I would bring in a 30+ days trip. Although I did bring a suit in some trips.

  24. 9 months ago

    For a over 7 days trip:
    > 5 pairs of underwear
    > 5 pairs of socks
    > 5 pairs of tees
    > Jeans
    >Windproof jacket
    >2-3 Hoodies/ College shirts/ Sweaters (depending on the destination)
    > Shorts/College pants/windproof trousers
    > Sneakers
    > Running shoes/hiking boots/ flip flops/sandals (depending on destination)
    >Swimming trunks

  25. 9 months ago

    I travel with a 25L backpack and put my clothes in a medium compression cube. If I'm traveling it's for 2 weeks to 2 months so I bring a week's worth of clothes and a silk pillow case that I use as a laundry bag when it's time to wash everything. I don't find short trips to be worth it.

    This is what I pack in my backpack (not including what I'm wearing at the airport (t-shirt, pants, socks, underwear, thin hoodie))
    >8 socks
    >8 underwear
    >4 t-shirts (I usually buy a t-shirt when I travel abroad)
    >1 pants
    >1 gym shorts w/ pockets that can be used as a swim shorts
    >1-4 laundry dryer sheets packed with my clean clothes to keep things smelling fresh, I use a new one every 2 weeks
    >1 small trash bag to separate my dirty clothes if I'm traveling

    Socks and underwear changed daily with an extra pair of each, t-shirt changed every 1-2 days, pants/gym shorts every 3-4 days, hoodie and pillow case weekly.

  26. 9 months ago

    >8 days of underwear (always pack extra incase you need it)
    >7 days of socks
    >7 days of shirts
    >2-3 pairs of jeans
    >sleepwear i.e boxers and a sleeping shirt
    >sunglasses (I regret not bringing these on my last holiday so fricking much)
    >Thongs (Flip-flops for the murricans) for hostel showers
    >a pair of walking shoes and a pair of nicer going out shoes.
    1 shirt + jeans + shoes outfit needs to be at least smart casual so I can get into nice restaurants/clubs.

    • 9 months ago

      That's the bear minimum. I bring more or less depending on the weather. 1 pair of Shorts or a jumper, jacket, beanie, gloves, etc.

  27. 9 months ago

    >3-4 pairs of underwear
    >I always buy multipack of socks before traveling, they get lost anyways. So 3-4 pairs + a new 6 pair multipack
    >3-4 t-shirts
    >pair of pants
    >jacket depending on the weather and climate

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