How was travelling before smartphones and available internet everywhere? I'm sure some boomers here can answer this.

How was travelling before smartphones and available internet everywhere?
I'm sure some boomers here can answer this.
I can't even imagine travelling without my phone or internet access 24/7.

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  1. 12 months ago

    I'm sure it was 100% more funner.

  2. 12 months ago

    Much easier and much harder.
    Much harder because you couldn't look up things any time you wanted.
    Much easier because it was common to ask strangers for directions.

    • 12 months ago

      in amsterdam old dutch boomers approach you offer directions then ask for money

    • 12 months ago

      mfw every time I go to Mexico Mexicans come up to me and ask me for directions
      mfw I'm not Mexican and only kinda speak Spanish

      • 12 months ago

        I was stuck in the hood at 1am in Jacksonville after an nfl game and some black chick asked me for directions lmao

  3. 12 months ago

    Hard. I am a complete fricking moron who gets lost contantly. I started to travel with google maps on my phone

    On the other hand I didnt feel to be forced to send images constantly to my friends and family andI felt more free to enjoy things

  4. 12 months ago

    Buy travel guide book
    Ask locals
    Look at a printed map a thousand times

    Honestly I didnt find it that hard if you just put in the next level of effort.
    The thing that got me the most was "thing is closed at 13:00 because of arbitrary reason" or "place closed down since map was made".

  5. 12 months ago

    are u white

    • 12 months ago


  6. 12 months ago

    I'm 37 so not a boomer really but I remember travelling enough back in the day.

    We always kept a paper map in the car on road trips and I remember my mom and dad having the stereotypical fight about if they should stop and ask for directions when we got lost.

    Later on, plenty of people did the whole printing out Mapquest directions, and if you were fancy, you had a piece of shit GPS like TomTom for directions

    I remember much longer lines at airports too since you had to speak with an agent to get your boarding pass

    God knows how people planned big international trips, or made any changes or whatever. I guess travel agents were a much bigger deal back in the day.

  7. 12 months ago

    >Buy a travel's guide
    >Trust on its maps
    >Arrives in the city
    >Get lost
    >Find a street
    >After three corners, realize that you were going to the wrong side
    >Finally get into your hostel
    >Ask desperately for a city map
    >Rest (to appease your co-partner backache)
    >In the following day you go to know the city, anxious about not losing your map.
    >Looking eagerly for a lan house to tell your status to your family.
    >No Google Translator to show someone what the heck did you want to say, so either they know some basic English or you was fricked.
    It was difficult, but there was some magic on that.

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