What's Iceland like? I have a couple of thousand quid saved and I haven't left the UK in 9 years since I returned from a year in Australia.

Iceland appeals to me greatly. I'm from the Lake District so I'm into hiking and outdoors stuff anyway. And I prefer quiet, natural places over bustling cities. However Reykjavík has skateparks and climbing centres, which I also like doing and is a great way to meet people outside of Bars & clubs and the like.

Should I go? What would you recommend I do there? How are the locals?

  1. 6 months ago

    They make dirt bread

  2. 6 months ago

    i recommend the hot dogs

  3. 6 months ago

    Dirt bread and Hotdogs. We'll I'm sold!

  4. 6 months ago

    My brother went like a decade ago during college said it was cool

  5. 6 months ago

    I have not been yet but it is very cool and peaceful, but know that tourists often go past areas they shouldn't to get their photos and get injured or die, not respecting the land and I imagine it's not very peaceful to deal with them. It's also very expensive, lack of many resources and importing goods to an island will always cause this, so understand you will be living like that. Many icelandics speak some English but it's still polite to learn some of their language. They seem like nice people to me. There are no mosquitoes which is a nice bonus.

    You should look into social meetups or something where you will stay

    • 5 months ago

      >have not been yet but

      • 5 months ago

        >what is the internet?
        >you mean you can know things about places without going there?
        >how do you know there is snow on top of mt everest if you've never climbed up there?

  6. 6 months ago

    Iceland is quiet and peaceful except for the main tourist spots which are usually busy. Reykjavík is charming but small and not worth a long stay for most people.

    Hiking options range from short day hikes to multi day treks and some of the latter (Laugavegur etc) are legitimately some of the world’s best. If you’re doing that kind of thing go in summer. Snow and weather make long hikes dangerous to impossible at other times.

    Iceland is expensive and you can burn through a couple of grand quickly. Plan an itinerary at least

  7. 6 months ago

    When I went I was surprised that if you even look like you might be thinking about crossing the road, every car will stop for you right away
    I don't know if this is a rule they have or what but I loved it there man everyone was nice as fuck. The campsite inside Reykjavik itself was great and also an awesome place to meet like-minded people and drink with them late into the night. I think me and some Czech dudes really pissed off some french lady who was trying to use the WiFi
    If you like beer then the beer shops are great because you just open up crates and mix and match single cans/bottles and try whatever you want
    Me and my retarded American friend had a good time. Wandering into little corner shops late at night and asking if they could fill up our water bottles instead of actually buying anything...
    I don't know how much budget matters to you but I did a week in Iceland for under 500 easily including flights. You'll just have to get outside of the centre a bit to find some cheaper options
    The buses inside the city are great and operate on these little paper token things which you can buy even at the campsite in Reykjavik and seem to come pretty often

    Obviously the outdoor shit is fucking great. Have fun. Getting transport around longer distances will definitely work and there are all kinds of shuttles and coaches to remote places but it might work out cheaper to rent a car even depending on what you want

  8. 6 months ago

    Iceland is great if you like the outdoors. It has the best waterfalls in the world and some excellent hikes. There is literally nothing to do otherwise.
    The food is the worst in Scandinavia, sort of a cross between Scandinavia and America. I didn't like whale or puffin and I don't like hot dogs.
    It was very cheap when I went ten years ago, maybe the other anon who said it was expensive went more recently.
    I'd say Golden Circle (especially Thingvellir and Gulfoss), Vik, Diamond Beach, Barnafoss, Hraunfossar, Skogafoss, and Seljalandsfoss are all worth going to and easy to reach. Most have at least longer walks/short hikes nearby. If you want to go more outdoors you can try the interior, such as Haifoss, or Hornstrandir. You can ice climb on glaciers. There is both sea and river kayaking available, the river kayaking is more boring.
    The locals, whether actual Icelanders or eastern euros working shit jobs, are either very friendly or more standoffish than most Faroese. Little in between.

  9. 5 months ago

    it's going to be nearly impossible to permanently move to iceland from the US.

  10. 5 months ago

    First thing, drop that British retard speak. Second, put down the bottle and stay out of bars, you red faced drunk

  11. 5 months ago

    only cool if you love nature

  12. 5 months ago

    Went there in February 2019 and July 2020 (when covid has hit the world and there was like almost 0 tourist).
    Like everybody else said, great and top tier if you’re into outdoors. Stunning landscape, especially in summer. Winter is beautiful as well but most trails are “closed” (ie dangerous).

    Rent a car. Don’t even try public transport, it’s at bare minimum. It’s not impossible but you’ll miss out 90% of the best stuff, especially outdoors stuff.
    I am very into birdwatching and hiking so this country was a 10/10 for me.
    If you’re not into outdoors, then there isn’t much to do.

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