Los Angeles in two and a bit days?

What can I do in LA if I have two full days and the morning and afternoon of a third?

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  1. 3 months ago

    Disneyland and DCA

    • 3 months ago

      I don't want to go to disneyland and what's DCA?

      I'm thinking stuff like Venice beach and the pier and shit like that. Or hiking through the mountains in GTA V

  2. 3 months ago


    More likely to get shot by an alt-right terrorist these days

    • 3 months ago

      tsmt, I got attacked by white supremacists TWICE last time I was los angeles. way too conservative nowadays...

  3. 3 months ago


    You'll get robbed then stabbed. Get their culture right bigot!

  4. 3 months ago

    Museum of Jurassic Technology

  5. 3 months ago

    Pick up hookers on Figueroa

    • 3 months ago

      >pick up an std on Figueroa

  6. 3 months ago

    Everything. Walk of fame, griffith park, tar pits, santa monica pier, muscle beach, 3rd street promenade, skid row, rodeo drive.

    • 3 months ago

      >Walk of fame
      More like the walk of SHIT

  7. 3 months ago

    Hide in air con with Black person proof walls. Order take out and tip ridiculous amounts. Try to be anomunous and a no one. A Uber would kill and rape you "literally" every time. And use you use the hip, moronic word "literally" in Europe will be direct death. Good luck.

  8. 3 months ago

    Depends what interests you but if you want a real 'LA' experience I'd do the following:

    Day time:
    Hike Runyon Canyon and/or Hollywood sign hike
    Venice Beach/Santa Monica beach and 3rd Street promenade
    Getty and/or Getty Villa
    Visit Rodeo Drive and Hollywood Walk of Fame if either of those interest you.

    Bar hop Hollywood/Vine area, Arts District/ Little Tokyo
    Get Korean BBQ and find somewhere in Koreatown that interests you
    Get Sushi depending on your neighborhood/budget

  9. 3 months ago

    Planning on going to an event at the convention center around march, any decent budget hotels and food that wont break the bank?

  10. 3 months ago

    Go to skid row

  11. 3 months ago

    Some highlights:
    Fried chicken at Otium
    Chocolate orange peels at Edelweiss
    Danish Egg Salad at Open Face Food Shop
    South African Jerky at European Sausage Kitchen
    Huitlacoche at Alejandra’s Quesadilla Cart

    Also look up Amex or Cap One reservations, or Bib Bourmand for lunch ideas:

    It's often half the price to fly to John Wayne.

    Don't be afraid to see touristy stuff either.
    Take a guided tour of the tar pits.
    Walk up to Griffith Observatory or the old zoo.
    Ride an e-rent bike from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice.
    Illegally enter Sunkey City from P. Del Mar

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