Need advice for car rental in Calgary and esim for mobile internet

Hey there,

first time traveling to Canada with my GF and hooking up with another couple from Europe to attend a friends wedding in September.

We managend to get all kinds of things sorted (Flights, Airbnb and Hotels etc.), except mobile internet access for our phones (eSim compatible) and rental car(s).

Already did some research but did not find and decent car rental (for areasonable price, yet.
Same for a reliable mobile esim provider, compatible to Calgary and Vancouver Networks (at least LTE/4G).

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. 10 months ago

    >things cheap

    Welcome to the most hyper-inflated country on earth. Your best bet for a cheap rental is to check Priceline, clear cache, check again, rinse repeat a few times a day until a deal comes up (usually because someone cancelled last minute). You're still looking at minimum, 80 USD per day for a shit little European econobox

  2. 10 months ago

    Lucky Mobile is probably the best bet for a pay as you go esim provider with national coverage. Telcom industry is Canada is absolutely fricked by a power sharing duopoly so expect to pay double relative to Europe for the same package

  3. 10 months ago

    You want to rent a car??? You’re inviting the Rocky Mountain police to slip some coke in the car paneling during a pullover. They know which cars Americans drive. Only take trains, and only bring a backpack.

    • 9 months ago

      Does this really happen

      • 9 months ago


      • 9 months ago


  4. 10 months ago

    I live in Ontario and wanted to go to Alberta or BC for a bit but everything in Canada is so nightmarishly expensive that I got discouraged. Only thing I could think of was drive down there and sleep in my car but Canada's huge so I'd spend an entire week driving there and back

  5. 10 months ago

    It's a coin toss whether immigration will even let you in. Make sure you have receipts ready to show them. Even then they might deny you entry. Canada is VERY hostile to tourists, especially first timers. Good luck

  6. 9 months ago

    DO NOT come to Canada-- you have a high chance of being turned away at the airport.

    Canadian border agents make it known that tourists are NOT welcomed.

    They will interrogate you. They will ask many questions like:

    "What is your reason for visiting Canada?"

    "Do you know anyone here? Can we have their phone numbers to call and verify to check?"

    "Do you mind unlocking your phone so we can vertify your story?"

    "Do you have reservation at hotels, can we call in to check?"

    I am not pulling your leg. Go watch this video:

    There are many friendly and beautiful countries around the world that is worth your tourist money. Canada is NOT one of them.

  7. 9 months ago

    >first time traveling to Canada with my GF and hooking up with another couple from Europe to attend a friends wedding in September.

    Don't do it anon.

    Arriving at Toronto airport, I thought I had landed in India. The security guard was a poojeeta who greeted me. The immigration officer was a poojeet. The taxi driver who solicited a ride was a... poojeet. I went to Tim Hortons, a coffee store, and the cashier was a poojeeta. Her brown feces-coated hands made my coffee and brought my donuts. I wonder if the poo I had stepped on came from a poojeet's anus. This country is a sea of brown people. If you want the Indian experience without visiting Mumbai, just take the TTC to downtown Toronto.

    The poojeets are everywhere. White people hide their kids from them.

  8. 9 months ago

    > cheap car rental
    try finding a shitbox on the Turo app

    for SIMs you'd probably want to buy a prepaid card. Freedom Mobile has some good deals but not sure about their coverage in Alberta, should be fine as long as you stay in the cities

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