Pick my spring getaway

I'm looking to impulsively book a warm vacation for a long weekend, 5-6 days ideally. What I'm looking for:
> Flight 10 hours or under from northeast US
> Beaches with plenty of rum and tequila
> Social atmosphere where I can go solo as a 30 year old dude and find people to hang out with.
> Easy to get around with just my backpack I use as a carry on
I'm anti boomer resort which makes it harder in the normie sphere. Maybe we'll get a good discussion here. Convince me. Being able to throw some loads is a bonus, but I'm not paying for it.

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  1. 5 months ago

    Key West
    Costa Rica
    The Canaries
    Malaga and the rest of Southern Spain
    Or just google "spring break destinations"

    • 5 months ago

      The whole island closes in October to May.
      If you like nature and eco vacation go to Dominica (not DR)

    • 5 months ago

      OP hasn’t specified exactly when this spring break is, but neither Dalmatia nor Crete offer good beach weather until at least late May, and more likely June. He’s also probably looking at flights adding up to at least a little longer than ten hours from NE USA.

      It will likely be an unpopular choice, but I might suggest Puerto Rico—it’s much less boomer-resort dominated than many other Caribbean islands (and the outer islands of Culebra and my personal favorite, sleepy, slightly dumpy, megarelaxing Vieques, have no real resorts at all), it’s cheap and quick to fly to, and it ticks your boxes.

      Other places are arguably more interesting, and the Mexican coast is a better destination for tequila (I had a good time in Zihuatanejo, practically in the shadow of the blah resorts of Acapulco but much more chill), but PR is low-effort with more charm than you might be expecting.

  2. 5 months ago

    Puerto Vallarta is awesome that time of year. That's the dry season. Mexican girls will frick pretty much any white 30 year old male who isn't morbidly obese, and even then, they often will. It's a safer Mexican city. You can walk around at night with no problem. The water is safe to drink. Mismaloya is a chill local spot with the best beach, but there's not much going on at night. Look for something in the Romantica area. Don't bother with an all inclusive. Drinks and food are cheap and there's awesome food in town. Pancho's Taco's was probably the best cheap meal I've ever eaten in my life. And the margaritas were god tier. There's also a lot of cheap excursions you can do. We went up the mountain on a bus and did 2 tequila tastings and zipline for like $25. I matched with multiple girls on Tinder and had 3 dates with different local chicks in 4 nights. 10/10 would recommend. Fun fact I learned, the morning after pill is over the counter in mexico.

    • 5 months ago

      Thanks, I checked out the area and it looks perfect for what I'm looking for. I got lazy as an adult and actually went with some tour groups for millennials recently. Worked out really well and you get a group to befriend, but I don't need that much jazz to have a good time. I might bring a checked bag just to bring tequila back.

      • 5 months ago

        The guava and passion fruit tequilas in PV are fricking amazing. I never do shots, but I could drink that shit straight from the bottle. I'd recommend booking at a larger hotel with a pool and a hotel bar if you're looking to socialize. And make sure they allow guests. Some of the hotels are shitty about letting the local ladies come back to your room

  3. 5 months ago

    You are literally describing Cancún.

  4. 5 months ago

    I'll recommend Puerto Rico as a localcel.
    >4 hr flight from Boston so definitely under 10 hrs anywhere Northeast
    >produce like 80% of all rum consumed in USA, including stuff that's not so easily found like Ron de Barrilito
    >La Placita en Santurce is beyond packed on Fridays, same with Old San Juan Saturday nights, cruises also means Old San Juan and Condado are busy on off days.
    >People are pretty chill and down to hang out if you're not a buzzkill
    >do not need to even carry the bagpack with you, just phone and wallets
    >no passport needed, no money exchange
    >rainforest for hiking, 3 bioluminescent bays to check out, dry forest hike in Guanica, surfing in Rincon, Caribbean Sea catamaran daytrip to Caja de Muertos, Fajardo catamaran or ferry tours to Palomino, Icacos, Vieques and Culebra, secluded beaches like Mar Chiquita, kayaking to kays + bio bay in La Parguera
    >resorts range from cheapo to 5 star (Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton, St. Regis' grounds are beautiful af), airbnb's in places like Palmas del Mar are also kino beach bumming but not much pussy there
    >Local and great quality import cigars, Casa de Montecristo in Old San Juan is unbelievable for a smoke and/or wienertail, they even have live jazz band on Thursdays
    >Local coffee is beyond amazing, burgers do not have dark roast arabica fricking anywhere and it kills me whenever im in amerikkka
    >Food is pretty kino too, Lechon in a mountainside restaurant is a must have, as is the seafood, mofongos and spanish inspired cuisine
    Worth considering tbh

    • 5 months ago

      seconding this as someone who just got back from a bachelor party in PR. Hit old san juan, la placita, el yunque, the casinos, and also spent a week in Rincon two years ago and was amazing too. very cheap flights too, no passport required, generally safe, never had any issues. plus coke if youre into that

      • 5 months ago

        oh yeah also went to La Perla
        i dont get why everyone thinks its so dangerous i never had an issue

  5. 5 months ago

    >not a dubs decide thread
    You going to Kingston, Jamaica

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