Random Encounters

Ever had a weird interaction with a random stranger while traveling?

>be me
>in Busan, South Korea
>it's raining really hard
>clothes are already completely soaked through
>stop under an awning outside of a restaurant to check my phone
>while i'm looking at my maps app, a Korean guy, maybe 30s or 40s, parks his car on the street right next to me
>steps out and hands me an umbrella
>tell him (in Korean) "thank you very much, but i don't need it"
>he refuses to take it back
>gets in his car and drives off
>i'm still completely soaked through, but with an umbrella now
>walk right across the street to a bus stop
>take the bus back to my airbnb
>leave the umbrella there

I mean, it was very nice of him to offer me his umbrella. But I was already completely soaked through, what was I gonna do with it at that point?

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  1. 2 months ago

    >But I was already completely soaked through, what was I gonna do with it at that point?
    Wow someone was trying to be nice and felt bad for you. Glad you are an autist who didn't just take the nice gesture from another human.

  2. 2 months ago

    Koreans are so nice, why are you complaining OP?

  3. 2 months ago

    I’ve been the weird interaction.
    >go to my favorite dive
    >4 Irish folks are on the patio
    >the locals are plying them with endless drinks to see how they hold up
    >they’re in town for some kind of business summit
    >one guy asks if you can walk to downtown from there because he wanted to see the city a bit.
    >”yeah, sure you can! I’ll show ya!”
    >forget that I’ve been walking 2+ miles a day for the last several years due to no car and the hour and a half long walk downtown might seem like a bit much to most people
    >grab a whole pack of smokes and chief the whole thing on the way down while talking to him
    >he begins to realize that not only am I drunk and clearly guessing at where his hotel is, but I seem to have an entire afternoon to escort complete strangers on foot around the city
    >get the vibe that he’s becoming uncomfortable.
    >finally locate his hotel about six blocks further from the main drag than I’d estimated
    >follow him in because he said I could chill at his room and he’d let me ride along with their carpool back to my part of town and we could go out drinking after his seminar or whatever it was.
    >in the elevator he stops and says, “yeah, ah, look I’m pretty tired, I think I’m just gonna lie down. Are you alright getting back by yourself?”
    >I say no problem since I don’t want him to think I was trying to rape him the whole time or something.
    >go back down
    >turn around
    >walk another hour and a half uptown.
    >sit down at the bar
    >another pack of smokes
    >he never hit me up later.
    Sucks, I was gonna take him on the grand tour of degenerate dive bars in Columbus but I can understand not immediately trusting some shady drunk.

  4. 2 months ago

    My friend is on vacation in Busan right now, funny seeing this thread

  5. 2 months ago

    Not so much strange, just strange to me, it was actually really sweet and fun.
    >be me
    >23ish years old
    >solo traveling
    >had day long layover in Seoul
    >decided to go explore
    >walking aimlessly through the city
    >while waiting to cross the street, Korean man strikes up conversation with me
    >when it’s time to cross the street he takes my hand and holds my hand while we cross the street and continue to hold hands while we walked and talked
    >he offers to buy me a meal at a little restaurant and we eat and talk
    >he’s telling me about all the strange stuff I’m eating
    >afterward we hold hands and continue to walk and talk
    >then suddenly he says the he works in the building we are in front of, says bye, and is gone in a flash
    >I just continue exploring solo from there, but happier and with a full belly

  6. 2 months ago


    >There was no way for him to know all of that
    your passport dummy

  7. 2 months ago

    A random greek waiter at O Thanasis in Athens had a rage reaction when I called the Souvlaki a Kebab. I let him rant for a good 2 minutes. I let him say his peace and then told him, "I really don't give a shit." He was so mad that the vein in his head was throbbing. I got up and left him standing there.

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