the people on the coasts are the shittiest people I've ever met.

the people on the coasts are the shittiest people I've ever met. Always so cold and unfriendly, would literally go out of their way to make your life worse. Especially in the PNW. Colorado people were always super friendly and nice. Any good stories from the region between the coasts?

  1. 2 months ago

    People from (Eastern Slope) Colorado were stuck up snotty douchebags when I went there. Fuck people from Indiana too.

    • 2 months ago

      Colorado is one of the absolutely cliquiest states in the whole country. If you aren't good at snowboarding (pro level) good luck making friends in Colorado let alone ones that won't steal your girl.

  2. 2 months ago

    sounds more like a (you) problem bro

  3. 2 months ago

    >anecdotal evidence
    You are banned from SighSee you subhuman low room-temperature IQ fuck

    • 2 months ago

      >thinks that statistics are ever correct
      reddit is the other way sirs

  4. 2 months ago

    >Colorado people were always super friendly and nice
    youre havin a laugh mate

  5. 2 months ago

    >always so cold and unfriendly
    No, we're just being candid with our emotions, rather than the fake niceness you see in the countryside. We are around way more people, so we're not going to do that forced smile thing that I had to do when I lived in the rural Midwest for every single person I saw.

    >would literally go out of their way to make your life worse
    I really don't know why you feel the need to lie like this. It's literally the opposite. We coastal elites have no time to go out of our way to ruin's someone day. It's people who live in those small towns in flyover country who have the time of day to be passive-aggressive and get in people's business. There's nothing else to do so they snoop around with their nose in everyone's shit. That's one of the main reasons why I wanted to move the hell out of Middle America to hustle and bustle of the East Coast so I can just blend in and not be bothered by small town drama.

    >Especially the PNW
    That's because there's a high concentration of leftists in that area. Places with nice weather tend to attract and breed weak people whereas places with harsh weather build character, and the East Coast still has shitty weather. West Coast doesn't.

    >Colorado people were always super friendly and nice
    Maybe because they are all mostly transplants from the coasts who moved there when it became the first place to legalize weed and they are all super high when you talk to them. Those are not Coloradans you are talking to.

  6. 2 months ago

    >the people on the coasts are the shittiest people I've ever met. Always so cold and unfriendly

    Sounds like the average Canadian.

  7. 2 months ago

    Yeah here's a good story about the interior.

    One time I was on a flight from Miami to Seattle. We had a layover in Kansas some fucking where.

    I took a watery shit inside the Kansas airport bathroom and got back on my plane later.

    Arrived in Seattle.

    The end.

  8. 2 months ago

    West coast is fucked, I'll give you that
    East coast has grifters but also some of the most intelligent and interesting people, both north and south
    Central states are where dreams go to die. I've lived in Arizona, Wisconsin and Mississippi, all of which are last resorts of discarded souls (due to this, the people there are hardened and therefore somewhat more nice/patient, but not necessarily looking out for your best interests - they just don't want their shitty lives to get any worse through confrontation)

  9. 2 months ago

    flyovercel cope thread for being fat with no culture

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