Traveling to new zealand

On Sunday I leave to go to New Zealand. Last time I went was when I was 11 (21 now)
Gonna be by Tauranga. Driving might be somewhat of an issue since I don’t have a license for down there obviously so I’ll be relying on my aunt to drive me around places.
I have about $300 in NZ dollars ready to go plus like $800 in savings specifically set aside. Meals and board is already sorted out since my mom will be with me.
What are some good things to do? I’m there for 2 weeks. Love to hike and be outdoors so I’m already looking at going to rotorua.
Additionally, where might one meet chicks?

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  1. 9 months ago

    Never been. Covid made no travel allowed. Might go.
    I want to see the LOTR sets and hike in the mountains.

  2. 9 months ago

    2 weeks is not a lot of time in NZ, but there are many cool things to do and see around Tauranga, Rotorua and Taupo. Plently of free outdoors activities, like Kaiate Falls, not far from Tauranga. In Rotorua there is a lot of geothermal type stuff like hot springs and parks you can visit. Its probably still a bit too cold but otherwise the beach there is great for surfing and other watersports. Also there are plenty of mountainbike trails, but I have no idea what the price would be for renting a bike.
    2 weeks is not really enough time to see most of the country, so I would just focus on that area if I were you. Most of the LOTR scenes are from the South Island, and quite far apart from each other, it might be worth flying to Queenstown or something for at few days if you budget allows it. Otherwise its usually better to travel around with a car

    • 9 months ago

      Thanks for the info man, much appreciated. I think my aunt has a lot planned so far for us.

  3. 9 months ago

    >NZ for two weeks
    lol more like two days c**t

  4. 9 months ago

    Going to be there for a year if not more. My family is rich shaming me.

  5. 9 months ago

    >no drivers license
    >$1100 "for two weeks"
    >in tauranga of all places where the most exciting thing to see is potholes
    >you want to go to rotorua where it LITERALLY smells like farts
    why even bother

  6. 9 months ago

    >Love to hike and be outdoors so I’m already looking at going to rotorua
    You're in luck, lot of good outdoor options for you there. Definitely check out the DOC website for huts to visit.
    >Additionally, where might one meet chicks?
    Your best bet is probably Bumble, Tinder, or maybe HUD (haven't used the latter but seen billboards advertising it as more casual). coomers on here talk about paying for Tinder premium to talk to girls before you even arrive, I imagine that'd be effective.

  7. 9 months ago

    I finally made it. I'm almost certain I didn't do the right paperwork for my working holiday visa.

  8. 9 months ago

    If hanging around Tauranga you're pretty much limited to Auckland, Waikato (hobbit town), Tauranga, Rotorua and coromandel. It's not worth going anywhere else with your budget and travel options unless you want to bus down to Wellington and back probably the best option to get away from responsibility and have fun in a hostel i.e. the most fun at 21, alternatively Auckland but tourists HATE Auckland (I think because they weren't expecting it to be a suburb of China) and the plane lands in a American-esque souless warehousing suburb with no transport out of it an hour from the city centre which really ruins their expectations within the first hour in the country.

    >Go collect some giant mussels snorkeling off the end of cathedral cove, you can just swim down and pluck them off the floor, get a kayak if it's too far out, see pic for where they are.
    >Climb up Mt Maunganui and go surfing(anyone can do it even grandmas).
    >Go to the hotpools at Lake Rotoiti
    >Go do Kaituna River white water raft (highest recreational waterfall drop)
    >Go blackwater rafting at Waitomo (really fun).
    >Go to glow worm caves at Waitomo
    >Hop on a fishing trawler out of Tauranga and catch your own dinner
    >Waimarino just out of Tauranga is also fun and not just for kids like the vid suggests, I don't know if they still do it but you used to be able to buy moldy bread from them to feed to the fish and you can fish them out of the water with your hands. so fun.

    >Do a kayaking trip down the waikato river from lake taupo, really easy and pretty fun, you would stop by Kerosene creek (a hot water river to chill in) but social media ruined that one and now it's no longer a secret.

    • 9 months ago

      better pic

    • 9 months ago

      Don't even bother with Hobbiton, it's not worth the ticket, esp. with your finances.

      Sentinel Rock is a decent day/half day hike near Katikati. Not far from TGA and last part is a climb up a finger like rock formation with panoramic mountain views.

      Pinnacles in K valley behind Thames is a similar yet far superior experience. 2-3 hrs walk each way try to time it so you're at the summit near dawn/dusk. Longer drive however.

  9. 9 months ago

    Lake Rotoma, between Rotorua and Whakatane is a serence spot. The water is super clear even at 3+ meters. Bit too chilly for a swim atm.

    Orakawa/Orakau at the north end of Waihi Beach (45min-1hr north of TGA) Is a comfy beach town, nice easy walk and isolated beach at the end. Takes about 30min each way.

    Karangahake Gorge another 20min north is beautiful valley with plenty of walks and shit throughout.

    • 9 months ago


      Would post pictures but paranoid about exif metadata and shiiieeet.

      Just drive btw (with the car owners permission)
      It's unlikely you'll get pulled over.

  10. 9 months ago

    New Zealand is pretty great so far. Glad I'm not poor so I can properly enjoy it. By the way, net guard is pretty useful for disabling mobile data for certain apps when traveling or dealing with the spotty wifi at some of these hotels.

  11. 8 months ago

    I'll be travelling between Rotarua and Wellington in a few weeks. Any interesting places to stop for the night to break up the drive? I like going on morning walks with the wife so any place that has a walking trail would be great but I'm not picky.

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